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Bamboo Dryer
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Bamboo Dryer
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Blueprint Discovery Required
Dried Meats
Drying process is paused when exposed to rain

The Bamboo Dryer is a Building in Green Hell.

Basic Info[]

The Bamboo Dryer allows the player to cure meat in the air in order to preserve it, lengthening the time it takes for the meat to spoil. Cooked meat takes 2 days before it is spoiled, whilst dried meat has a lifespan of 5 days, 4 hours before it is spoiled. The drying process slightly reduces the nutritial value over cooked meat.

Raw meat is placed on the dryer which takes about one day before it is ready to be collected and stored or consumed.

The Bamboo Dryer can hold 7 pieces of meat.

The raw meat's spoil-timer continues to run when the raw meat is on the dryer. The raw meat does not spoil even if the timer reaches zero, as long as it remains on the dryer - the drying process will successfully complete. The lifespan of the dried meat (5d 4h) starts once the meat finished drying. After this lifespan the meat will become spoiled once you remove it from the dryer.

Drying times for a selection of common meat:

24h: Arowana, Black Caiman, Jaguar, Puma, Rattlesnake
26h: Armadillo, Capybara, Peccary, Tapir


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Bamboo Dryer Long Bamboo Bamboo Stick Rope


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.0.2.3 Dryer should now work correctly under roofs.

Constructions can be destroyed by player.
Multiple construction ghosts can be placed on top of each other - Fixed.
Items targeting under constructions - Fixed.

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