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Brazil Nut
Brazilian nut.png
Brazil Nut in Shell
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Item type:
Consumable Food Item
Spoiled Nut is Harvestable
Used in:
Plant Cultivation

The Brazil Nut is a consumable food item in Green Hell

Basic Info[]

Brazil Nuts can be found at the base of the Brazil Nut Tree. Usually three to four Brazil nuts can be collected from the tree. The Brazil nut will need to be harvested in order to eat its contents. Once harvested the Brazil nut shell can be used in crafting. Brazil nuts are a great source of fats and will provide a very small amount of carbohydrates.

Spoiled Brazil nuts can be harvested for larva. They can also be used as fertilizer and will provide 4% to aid plant growth.


Brazil nut.png

Brazilian nut shell.png
Brazil Nut Brazil Nut Shell

Plant Cultivation[]

The Brazil nut can be placed in to the large planting box to grow a small tree. When the Brazil nut have been planted they will need water and fertilizer to help with plant growth.

Once the small tree has fully grown it can be cut down for long sticks. The plot will then need to be plowed allowing the player to resow more seeds.

Food Values[]

Food Carb Icon.png Fat Icon.png Protein Icon.png Water Icon.png Energy icon.png HUD sanity icon.png Decay timer Health Weight
Brazil nut.pngBrazil Nut
1 35 2 0 0 2 2 Days 0.1
Brazil nut.pngBrazil Nut Spoiled
1 18 2 0 0 0 None
+3 Vomit icon H.png


In earlier versions of Green Hell the Brazil Nut was an extremely rare item to be found. This was changed in the update V.0.3.1 and the spawn rate was increased.
The Brazil Nut Shell became craftable during the V.0.3.0 water update.

During the Plant Cultivation update V.1.1, the Brazil nut became a plantable item.


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.1.1 New plantable items - Seeds, Nuts, Dried Flowers and Sticks.
V.1.0 Fixed – Crash when eating nuts.
V.0.3.5 Brazilian Nut's decay countdown now starts when placed in backpack.
V.0.3.1 Brazilian Nut spawn rate increased, allowing easier access to fishing rods.