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Brazil Nut Tree
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Brazil Nut Tree
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Brazil Nuts

The Brazil Nut Tree is a plant which was added in V.0.1 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[]

The Brazil Nut Tree is one of the tallest and largest of trees found in the rain forest. The base of the tree is extremely large with its roots extending out from the trunk. Unlike other trees in Green Hell, the Brazil nut tree cannot be cut down, however a number of different species of flora can be found on this tree.

Liana and banisteriopsis vines can be found hanging from its trunk, which can be collected by the player. The blue unknown mushrooms grow along the Brazil nut trees extended roots and possess medical properties.

Brazil nuts can be found around the base of the tree, usually in the crevices between the roots. These can be eaten as a great source of fats, and the shells can be used to craft items.


The Brazil Nut Tree can be found in various locations throughout the map. Coordinates for some of these locations are provided below:

  • 46W, 27S
  • 45W, 25S
  • 45W, 24S
  • 44W, 24S
  • 41W, 22S


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.0.3.1 Brazilian Nut spawn rate increased, allowing easier access to fishing rods.

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