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Death is a game mechanic that occurs when a players health reaches zero.

Death screen

Basic Info[]

When a player dies the death screen will pop up showing the reason why the player died, how many days they survived, how far they have traveled and the number times they have vomited.

After dying the player can choose to either load the last saved game or quit and exit to the main menu.

In 'Green Hell' difficulty setting, death results in the player being unable to reload their last save. It is locked forever and annotated with the word 'DEAD'.


Death can occur from the following:

Update History[]

Version Changes
V.0.5.1 Fixed – There was no death screen when Player dies from falling.

Death Reason added to death screen.
Fixed - Player may get stuck on sleep screen after loading a save if he died while sleeping.
Fixed - If Player dies in survival game and chooses game saved on Day 1 of tutorial he spawns in after-tutorial game with crate in hands.

V.0.2.1 Fixed - Near-death state grunts are present in a new game.
V.0.2.0 Pass out, now correctly work as sleeping on the ground.