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Dried Meats
Drying process is paused when exposed to rain

The Dryer is a structure in Green Hell added in V.0.2.0.

Basic Info[]

The dryer allows the player to cure meat in the air in order to preserve it. The drying process slightly reduces the meats nutritional value compared to cooked meat, however it will lengthen the time it takes for the meat to spoil. Cooked meat takes 2 days before it is spoiled, whilst dried meat has a lifespan of 5 days, 4 hours before it becomes spoiled.

It is more efficient to place the dryer under a roof or shelter, as the drying process is paused when the dryer is exposed to rain. The Dryer can hold up to 7 pieces of meat. Drying times for majority of meats takes 24 hours, whilst fatty meats such as peccary meat and tapir meat take 26 hours to dry.

Once raw meat is placed on the dryer, it's spoil-timer will continue to run, but as long as the raw meat remains on the dryer it will not spoil, and the drying process will successfully complete. The lifespan of the dried meat starts as soon as the meat has finished drying. If the player picks up the dried meat after this lifespan the meat will instantly spoil once removed from the dryer.

The dryer comes in both wood and bamboo varieties.


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Dryer Long Stick Rope Small Stick Bone Needle


Blueprints can be found at the following location;


Update History[]

Version Changes

Fixed - Quassia Amara flowers are now visible in Dryers.
Fixed - All slots in Dryer can now be usable after Quassia Amara is put there.

V.2.0.2 Fixed - Dryer in Tribe Village did not dry food during rain.

Fixed - Meat placed on upper dryer slots should be hanging down.
Fixed - Dryer has Bone Needle instead of Bone Hook in it's ghost and Notebook recipe.

V.1.5.4 Fixed - Doubled Dryers after loading save.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Dryer changes scale slightly after ghost is completed.

Fixed - Items hang in the air when put on Dryer.
Fixed - One slot of Dryer is inactive when Player attempts to take out Phallus from it.
Fixed - Phallus model is turned when dried in Dryer Slot.

V.0.2.3 Dryer should now work correctly under roofs.
V.0.2.0 New constructions - modular shelters, Stands eg.(Wood storage)

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