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There are plenty of plants in Green Hell. Most can be cut down in order to obtain crafting and construction materials or herbs. While others provide fruits and mushrooms that can be picked for consumption or crafting purposes. Some can be good for your nutrition, while others will outright poison you.

Tree[edit | edit source]

Palms[edit | edit source]

Fungi[edit | edit source]

Bush[edit | edit source]

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Aquatic[edit | edit source]

Tree BambooBanana PlantBrazil Nut TreeMangrove TreeSpike TreeTrees
Palms Coconut Palm TreeDwarf PalmRaffia PalmYoung Palm TreeFan Leaf Palm
Fungi Unknown Mushroom 1Unknown Mushroom 2Indigo Blue LeptoniaUnknown Mushroom 4Unknown Mushroom 5Unknown Mushroom 6Unknown Mushroom 7
Bush CassavaMalangaMonstera DeliciosaQuassia AmaraUnknown Fruit PlantSoursop Plant
Herbs MolineriaPlantain LilyPsychotria ViridisTobacco PlantUnknown Herb Plant 2
Aquatic Water Lily