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Mud Mixer
Mud Mixer Buildings.jpg
Mud Mixer
Added in
Mud Construction
Mud Discovery required
For Blueprint
Creates Mud Bricks
Requires Resources

The Mud Mixer is a Building in Green Hell added in the Mud Update V.0.5.0

Basic Info[]

The mud mixer is used to make mud bricks. In order unlock the mud mixer blueprint the player will first need to discover mud.

Once built the player will need to place two pieces of mud and one ash pile in to the mud mixer. Water then can be added to the mixer using a water container such as the coconut bidon. It is recommended not to place the mud mixer under a shelter, as when it is raining the mud mixer will fill with rain water. Saving the player from having to use a water container to fill it. The mud mixer will need to be filled with 160 units of water.

After all resources have been added to the mud mixer the player will need to mix the mud, to do this press E. The mud mixer will then produce six mud bricks. Once all the mud bricks have been removed from the mixer, it will then be ready to be refilled again with more resources.


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Mud Mixer Stick Log


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Wrong info on “blocked by coop” trigger for Mud Mixer.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Crash during loading the game during mud brick creating animation.
V.0.5.0 New construction - Mud Mixer.

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