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Mud Shed Wall
Mud Shed Wall Buildings.jpg
Mud Shed Wall
Added in
Custom Building Attachment
Mud Building
Modular Construction
Mud Discovery Required
For Blueprint
Require Modular Shed Frame

The Mud Shed Wall is a Custom Building Attachment added in the Mud Update V.0.5.0

Basic Info[]

To build a mud shed the player will first need to build a modular frame structure consisting of either bamboo or wood. The Shed is an attachment to the main structure and will contain a save point.

Once the shed frame has been constructed the player can proceed to add the mud shed wall. Opening the notebook the player will need to select the mud tab, then click on the Mud Shed Wall. Moving the blueprint ghost over the shed frame will snap it in to place. Press Right Mouse Button to start construction.

The mud shed wall will require four mud bricks to complete construction. This is a complete unit, the player does not need construct each wall separately. Once complete the palm roof, banana roof or a mud roof can be added.

A small fire, bed or storage units can be placed under the shed. As with all buildings the mud shed wall can be destroyed by either hitting it with a weapon or by receiving damage from natives.


Mud Shed Wall.png
Mud brick.png
Mud Shed Wall Mud Brick


If the shed is placed on a small slope it will be low enough for the player to jump up on to and walk across the buildings roof.

Known Bugs[]

  • Plants can clip through the walls.
  • Will provide shelter from rain but rain drops can be seen on the floor inside buildings.
  • Blueprint ghost attachments can not be place on other ghosts.
  • Can often collide with other objects. Meaning placing 2 mud sheds side by side will in most cases be impossible.


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Some Log beds cannot be placed under shed with mud walls.

Fixed – Mud Shed Wall is not destroyed along with Shed.
Fixed – Constructions attached to Frames or Sheds don't get destroyed along with them.

V.0.5.0 New modular buildings - (Mud Wall, Mud Window Wall, Mud Fireplace Wall, Mud Shed Wall, Mud Roof).

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