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Multiplayer is a cooperative game mode added during update V.1.5.0.

Not currently available on Nintendo Switch.


Multiplayer in Green Hell allows up to 4 players to play together in a survival sandbox. In the latest update V.1.6.0, Story Mode has been made available in Co-op. There is no death match mode and players can not injure or kill each other.


There are three types of lobbies the host can create:

  • Invite Only - Host can invite players to the session via Steam overlay or via friends list.
  • Friends - Host can invite players or they can join via ‘Join Game’ lobby selection menu.
  • Public - Members of the public can join via ‘Join Game’ lobby selection menu.

When a host creates a multiplayer game, they will be able to set the difficulty level of the game and customise the certain game mechanics settings if needed. The only difficulty level that is not available in multiplayer is Green Hell- Perma Death Mode.

Saving in Multiplayer[]

In multiplayer, there is a client and a host. Clients are players that join the game, the host is the one who created the game.

The host selects a save slot when creating a game. Both the host and client can save the game at any time via save points found on certain buildings. The game will then be saved on the host's pre-selected save slot. It is advised that both the host and client regularly save the game to avoid losing too much time or progress should someone unexpectedly disconnect from the game.

  • When a Host saves, they only save their own current state and any progress in the game world.
  • When a client saves, they only save their own current state. This saves their inventory, their stats and location on the map.

It is important that both the client and host save before exiting the game, to avoid loss of progress. Making sure that only one player saves the game at a time, as multiple people saving at the same time may corrupt the save file.


Players can communicate with each other via the in-game's text chat. To open the chat bar press Enter, type your message and press enter to send.
There is currently no in game voice capabilities.

Collective Sharing[]

When one player finds new building blueprints or crafting recipes, it will update all players notebooks with these items. Maps and any locations found will also be updated for all players. Equipment such as the grappling hook can only be picked up by one player, however these items will be unlocked to all players once collected and can be seen hanging from the players backpack when the inventory is opened.

Unique found items and weapons such as the bidon and machete can only be picked up by one person and will not be unlocked for the whole group. If the player carrying one of these unique items dies, there is a chance the item will be lost upon death.


When an individual player goes to sleep, time will not speed up and the players energy will rise at a slower rate. Only when all players sleep at once will the time speed up by 8 in-game hours. Sleeping will also create a respawn point.


If a player passes out, another players can revive them by approaching the player and hold the E key. If no one revives the player they will naturally wake up after a short time. Players can not attend to each other wounds, however they can remove leeches from each other by pressing E.


When a player dies, they will respawn to the last point in which they saved the game. The players items are dropped on the ground upon death and some of the items will be lost. The player will need to locate where they died to retrieve their remaining inventory.
All other remaining players will receive a loss of -35 in sanity each time a player dies.

Update History[]

Version Changes
V.1.6.1 Fixed - Players that completed Tutorial on previous game version can have a milky blue filter on screen when joining another Player’s game.

Story mode can now be enjoyed in multiplayer by up to 4 Players.
Save slots for singleplayer and multiplayer games are now separate, giving you 4 slots each! Games started as singleplayer cannot be played as multiplayer and vice versa.
Tutorial can now be played separately from Story mode, preparing you for multiplayer.
Players now cannot change save slot when saving multiplayer games(this prevents problems with desynchronization of Client’s and Host’s progress).
Player names in chat are now displayed in the color of Player’s t-shirt.
Fixed - Save and quit of Client doesn’t trigger save of other Players.
Fixed - Player cannot highlight multiplayer game in Game browser when using a Controller.
Fixed - Player is able to take a Parrot when other Player harvests it leading to a crash.
Fixed - No Wood icon on Mud Charcoal Furnace for not owners after one full usage.
Fixed - Player can't pour water into Mud Water Filter after co-op.
Fixed - Obsolete option 'singleplayer' in multiplayer in-game 'online visibility'.
Fixed - Some of HO objects are rescaled when changing owner a few times.
Fixed - Lootable items reappear for Host if Client picks them up first alone.
Fixed - Player's name shows in front of you when standing in roughly same spot as them.
Fixed - "Map - New Location" in infolog for every Player when Player goes to location someone else discovered.
Fixed - Tribe corpses are invisible for the third Player if Tribes were killed before his join.
Fixed - Tribes killed when second Player is away are bald for them.


Potential Fix - Tribesmen are invisible for some Players.
Fixed - Player cannot pick up item in Inventory if another Player has cursor over item in same space in their Backpack.
Fixed - Sometimes Weapon of Host can be taken from hand by other Players.
Fixed - Misleading info in chat if Host only opened save menu but did not save.
Fixed - Wrong info on “blocked by coop” trigger for Mud Mixer.


Fixed - Quest Items don't unlock for Client that was not in session and had saved previous progress.
Fixed - Error When Host walks near Tribal Arrow stuck near Cartel.
Fixed - Crash for Client with opened Crafting when Host quits game.
Fixed - Tribes can be stuck after spawning to a Fire with three Players near.
Fixed - Mud Forge slot disappears for Host when he goes far away from empty Forge near Client and goes back.
Fixed - Items are not stacked properly after Client opens Host's Storage Box for the first time.
Fixed - Physics of items is significantly different for players.
Fixed - Unclickable Quit prompt if Client tried to Quit game at the same time as Host.
Fixed - Host’s respawn point is set to save point when loading game.
Fixed - Items and constructions are still 'in use' for other Players if Player looking at them paused game.


Fixed - No Save & Quit option in Multiplayer games.
Fixed - Sometimes Client progress was not loaded properly(rejoin was needed).
Fixed - Items(also Quest Items like Grappling Hook etc.) disappear after reload if the owner changed between saves.
Fixed - Saving inventory in case of Client disconnect does not work.
Fixed - No cooldown on Sanity penalty when coop dies.
Fixed - Weapon skills don't level up for Clients.
Fixed - Killed Tribe Camp can generate combat music for Players.
Fixed - Tribes can spawn near Clients.
Fixed - Mud Forge can stop working when metal is melted far away from Players.
Fixed - No warning that player can't load save from Story in co-op.
Fixed - Message 'nick: [SAVED GAME]' in chat should appear after saving the game.
Fixed - Water Filters are not working briefly if different Players poured water and inserted Bowls.


Fixed - Tribes are sometimes invisible to some Players.
Fixed - "Host left" message screen shows when Player gets DC but Host is still in game.
Fixed - Mud Forge does not unlock if different Player picked up Mud and mined Iron Ore.
Fixed - Mud Water Collector does not unlock if different Players unlock required unlocks.


Fixed – Icon of meat stays for Client if meat is taken from the slot/fire burns out before meat is cooked.
Fixed – Charcoal Furnace progress stops for owner if away before finishing burning.
Fixed – Crash when Tribe stomp on a Host Spike Trap he dies only for a Client.
Fixed – Crash for Host when Tribe Patrol spawned near Bamboo Bridge.


Cooperation added to Survival Mode.

  • Cooperation Mode - up to 4 players.
  • Players are able to help other Players who passed out.
  • Player is able to take leeches off from Co-op’s body.
  • Game is saved on Host's chosen Slot.
  • Players can now respawn after death in Co-op Mode.
  • Items are dropped on the ground upon death.
  • Co-op lose sanity when other Player in the session dies.
  • Player will lose some of health after respawning