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Waraha Tribe
Waraha Tribe
Skull Painted Warriors
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The Waraha Tribe are aggressive NPCs in Green Hell. The native warriors are stupid, slow, and not good in battle. They're known to charge you while others use have a bad ranged attack. Yelling wildly.

Basic Info[]

Natives are human members of tribes living in Green Hell.

They can be found throughout the jungle and can usually be heard singing before being sighted. When aware of your presence, they will scream a warning sound to alert fellow tribesmen.

Axes, Spears and Archery (when proficient) are effective ways to defeat natives. A Headshot with any arrow or a thrown spear will kill a native.

If you leave fires burning for extended periods of time Natives will come to attack your base. They will either try to destroy any playerbuild structure or kill the player. Usually they will stay a while outside the camp for some time. It is advised to take them out, before they start their attack.

Blade Native (Waraha Warrior)[]

Blade warriors are armed with the Stick Blade and will close in quickly to attack when alerted of the player's presence. They have fast movements and are difficult to flee from, but can be evaded by crossing a river or going into a cave. Blade natives also have a limited range attack where they can pick up and throw stones with reasonable accuracy. They often drop the blade they wield when killed.

Their stonethrowing can be exploited to farm small stones in the same manner that Tribal arrows can be farmed.

Bowman Native (Waraha Hunter)[]

Bowmen carry the Tribal Bow and have an unlimited supply of Tribal Arrows. When alerted of the players presence they engage at a distance. The bowman's aims is accurate, however their attacks can be dodged by moving when the native fires. Tribal Arrows that have missed can be collected by the player. Bowmen drop the Tribal Bow and Obsidian Bone Blade they have been using when killed.

Tribal arrows can easily be farmed in large quantities by maintaining your distance to a bowman making use of a stream or a bridge while moving in and out of his sight using a tree for cover. The bowman will draw his bow out when he spots you. Moving behind cover will cause him to continue to trace your location, firing his shot into the trunk behind which you are standing leaving an easily retrievable arrow behind.

Spearman Native (Waraha Spearman)[]

Spearman are pure melee fighters armed with a Tribal Spear. They are a bit slower than Blade Natives, but because of their greater range they are significantly more deadly. They will drop their spear if killed.

Waraha Thug[]

Added in the Spirits of Amazonia Part 2, they are armed with Two-handed axe. Notably known for taller than the rest of the tribe as well as wearing a mask which prevents players from headshot them.


Native Human Meat Bone Feather