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List of Building can be constructed.

The notebook along with the backpack is one of the first items the player will start out with in Green Hell. The book will contain some basic starter items to help the player as they begin their journey of survival. As the player progress in the game and makes new discoveries they will be added to the notebook under its relevant category.

The right hand side of the notebook contains all the categories for construction, while the left had side of the notebook holds information for crafting, healing and skill progression.

The notebook is accessible by pressing the N key. Another way to open the notebook is by pressing C and selecting the notebook icon from the menu wheel. Once the player has selected a tab to view in the notebook, they can flip through all the pages in the selected category by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the notebook.

Notebook Contents[]

These pages have been listed in the order that they appear in:

Update History[]

Version Changes
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes text on the right side of the Notebook is not centered.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box drawings in Notebook are blurry on lower texture settings.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes constructions do not unlock in notebook.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Food Poisoning unlocks instead of Dirt in Notebook on saves from previous game versions.

Fixed – Text in Notebook doesn't fit the page and is cut off.
Fixed – Symbols in Notebook in some languages were not displayed correctly.


New Notebook bookmark - Mud.
Fixed - Campfire had incorrect recipe in the Notebook.
Fixed - Plants tab had an additional non-functional counter in Notebook.

V.0.4.3 Fixed – Finding Cage Trap near island does not grant entry in the Notebook.
V.0.4.2 Fixed – No information in Notebook about fire attracting tribes.

Added Bamboo Spear and Hand Drill Board to Notebook.
Fixed Notebook skills descriptions.
Fixed empty places in Notebook.

V.0.3.5 Fixed - Unlocking Campfire in Notebook.
V.0.3.4 Prawn Trap Unlock - now it should correctly appear in notebook.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Missing fishing skill in notebook.
V.0.1 Notebook text scale issue should be fixed.