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All Patch Notes:

# Changes
V.2.2.2 Added a sound when arena fish is picked.
V.2.2.2 Added option to disable automatic input detection.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Proper dialogue icon is now displayed when talking through the radio.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Background of notes on stones are now properly displayed on ultrawide resolutions.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Players should not be able to swim out of the fishing arena.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Birds no longer land in the air at Airport location in SoA.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Parrots, toucans and butterflies now work properly in new locations.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Caimans no longer clip with the terrain while moving.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - The Yabahuaca guard is now louder.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Removed redundant sound when reading stones in the final area.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Removed collision that blocked cave entrances.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Crafting sound is now played properly when using pottery table.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Drowning sound is no longer played when the player gets low oxygen in fishing arena.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Arena progression HUD no longer displays on the final arena.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Fades in and out work properly before and after arena waiting screen.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Players are no longer able to die during dialogues.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Removed redundant microscope model from the game world.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Water drops longer fall out the mushroom in planting arena.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Fixed Notebook Cage Trap recipe.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Players are no longer stuck at the black screen if they join the game during the final arena.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - States of construction ghosts now replicate properly in multiplayer sessions.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Items near the hot river are now spawn properly.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Resolved the issue with game saves not loading properly.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - The gap between ritual furnace and the ground has been fixed.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - The tribal axe is now more responsive.
V.2.2.2 Fixed - Multiple graphical fixes in various locations and the new jungle area.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Sometimes cannot give item to Fisherman after loading save.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Player can die in multiplayer during dialog with Rope Kid.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Iron Ore does not save on Pottery Table.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Centipede model can stay on Player.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Fisherman automatically finishes giving reputation on Tourist difficulty.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Running Kids can duplicate in loaded co-op games.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Cannot finish constructions placed under Tribe camp buildings.
V.2.2.1 Translation fixes.
V.2.2.1 Fixed - Big Clay Bowl now displays properly in multiplayer.
V.2.2.0 Jake’s journey with the Spirits of Amazonia reaches its epic end.
V.2.2.0 Introducing the Habukku, an Amazonian fishing tribe.
V.2.2.0 Three ritual arenas—themed for each of the tribes.
V.2.2.0 A new region with lots of locations to explore.
V.2.2.0 4 new legends.
V.2.2.0 A brand new AI, the centipede.
V.2.2.0 2 new activities, 2 new weapons, a new pottery mechanic, and more.
V.2.2.0 Items can be added to crafting by left clicking them while holding lCtrl.
V.2.2.0 Small animation changes.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - FOV value doesn't change properly for horizons in opened Inspection.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Tooltips in some menus are too high when using a Controller.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Game version is not at the bottom of the screen in 21:9 and 32:9.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Pressing any key on the Keyboard does not prompt the change of input.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - 'Save & Quit' can be used in combat.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Crash when Ladder is destroyed while it is used by another Player.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Cooking progress icons are moving with the camera on higher FOVs.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Notebook is displayed partially off-screen on smaller FOVs.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Map's coordinates are off-screen after zooming on smaller FOVs.
V.2.1.8 Fixed - Respawn button is covered by warning hint and unresponsive.
V.2.1.7 Fixed - Leeches are hard to take off.
V.2.1.7 Fixed - White outline appears around the treeline on lower graphics settings.
V.2.1.6 Backpack and Interface should now scale appropriately to wider aspect ratios including 21:9 and 32:9.
V.2.1.6 Enhanced FOV system and its maximum range.
V.2.1.6 Game should now ask about controls change after entering any pad input.
V.2.1.6 Added 'Save and Quit' option to pause menu.
V.2.1.6 Fixed - Hunting music keeps playing after wounding an animal with bow or thrown spear.
V.2.1.6 Fixed - Not every variant of small fish has a white outline.
V.2.1.6 Fixed - Bandage icons display incorrectly after using HUD scalling options.
V.2.1.6 Fixed - Hotkey for 'Reply' is too far from the icon in Story Mode.
V.2.1.5 Fixed - Keybinds reset after closing the game.
V.2.1.5 Fixed - Space in Backpack is blocked after using the multicraft feature.
V.2.1.4 Multicrafting - Player can now craft multiple items by using the +/- buttons.
V.2.1.4 HUD scaling - Player can now increase and decrease HUD size.
V.2.1.4 Downward swing angle changed from 40° to 60°.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Controller input could not be set without using M&K.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Cooking infusions did not increase Cooking skill.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Throwing a Spear at fish did not increase Spearfishing skill.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Sanity gain message was inconsistent with other stats.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Confusing Campfire challenge goal.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Sitting with Firestarting tool prevented stamina regeneration before inserting fiber.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Items with no options in expand menu still show it.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Knocking down Wasp Nest did not increase Archery/Spear/Throwing skill.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Inputs in menus did not reset resulting in sometimes entering wrong sub-menu.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Player got washed during rain when sleeping in beds that have roofs.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Player’s Armor did not hide during bandaging animation.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - No skip button in cutscene on some resolutions when using a controller.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Several missing translations in SoA part2.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Some decorations did not spawn correctly.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Small Tribe Shelter could not be destroyed with a Spear.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Joining to a Player that was inside tent in WHA Camp was broken.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Joining to a Player that was in a Dream was broken.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Sometimes Brazil Nut could not be picked up.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Player couldn’t throw torches.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - AI sometimes ignored construction collision.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Player was able to give poisoned water to wounded tribes.
V.2.1.4 Fixed - Empty Bowls and Liquid Containers did not show UI in Backpack.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Additional fixes for duplicating Tribes (also for existing save files).
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Fixed Tribe Weapons hanging in the air in co-op games.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Player's input no longer can get blocked when receiving damage while drinking.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Game no longer crashes when Player saves the game with a lot of unfinished construction ghosts.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Game no longer crashes when starting a game when using a Controller.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Fixed Weapon UI on Controller sometimes not loading in properly.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Credits can now be skipped using the Controller.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Fixed a stuck cursor appearing on screen when disconnecting Controller.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Bow can now be shot without pressing LT every time on Controller.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Fixed baby Tapir body not being visible to co-op Players in some situations.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Drink option is now gone from empty water containers.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Fish can no longer be caught using traps in poisoned water.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Player is no longer able to water plants using poisoned water.
V.2.1.3 Fixed - Shaking off bees animation can no longer play during knockback animation.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed duplicating Tribes and Patrols.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Turning off Tribes in Custom Mode no longer turns off Pumas and Jaguars as well.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Player can no longer place ghosts inside pre-built structures.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - No weird sound can be heard when pausing the game during a dialogue.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - AIs no longer walk underwater in some places.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Tribesman from small camps are no longer standing when not being attacked.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Leeches no longer disappear from limbs while still reducing sanity.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Quassia Amara flowers are now visible in Dryers.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - All slots in Dryer can now be usable after Quassia Amara is put there.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - The kindling icon no longer stays on the weapon slot after starting the fire.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - AI's can now reach all parts of Cartel and Harbor locations.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed TPP animation for Tribal Axe when crouching.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Reputation for healing Wounded tribe is no longer doubled.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed animation for Tribal Axe when jumping from the TPP.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed animation for invisible radio when observing in TPP.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed attack animation when hitting object above waist level.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Elder voice now have a larger range for Co-op Players.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Tribal Axe has now smoother animation when hitting tree.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Radio no longer disappears from the Player’s hand during the first dialogue if Player holds any weapon/tool.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed LODs of Fire from toxic wastes.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - All AI camps have now proper structures.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Amount of Infolog messages for a joining player is reduced.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Drums respond quicker to players input.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Poisoned Water no longer deals damage to Player.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fever has now limit of 10 stacks.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed FPP idle animation when holding Tribal Axe.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Drums don’t have additional Triggers when built in co-op from Notebook.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - New TPP Low stamina animation for tribal axe.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Drums no longer give the 'In use' prompt.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Tribal Axe draw distance is increased.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Hunter ranged attack fixed.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Blocking Thug's attacks with spear no longer causes hands to stay in a block position during knockback animation.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Player can now use the 'Harvest' option no matter where the animal corpse rolled.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Fixed low stamina state idle animation for Tribal Axe.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Player no longer receives double effects when moving in the Poisoned water.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Player can now repeatedly attack objects with continuous attacks.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Player should be able to collect all toxic wastes.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Tribesman no longer disappear and duplicate in Small Camps after reload.
V.2.1.2 Fixed - Frame rate limit locked to 30FPS no longer causes knockback to push player twice the distance.
V.2.1.1 Fever has a limit of 10 stacks now.
V.2.1.0 New Area in The Spirits of Amazonia mode with new Village, Legends and activities.
V.2.1.0 Hard mode is now available in The Spirits of Amazonia.
V.2.1.0 New Enemy - Thug.
V.2.1.0 New Threat - Tribesmen patrols.
V.2.1.0 New Weapon - Tribe Axe.
V.2.1.0 New Animals - Black Panther and Baby Tapir.
V.2.1.0 New construction - Drums.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - SoA singleplayer save converted to multiplayer is not usable.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - No cooldown for Groups and Patrols in Challenges.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Turning off Tribes in custom mode turns off the puma and jaguar as well.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Cannot drink anything from bowls with opened backpack.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Tribes do not react on headshot of their partners.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Player can scroll to 5th Weapon using mouse wheel.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Gamepad icon is present in custom mode without plugged in controller.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Tribes in Village are immune to changing volume.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Many strings in Turkish appear small ingame.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Issues with terrain and collisions on map.
V.2.1.0 Fixed - Various typos.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Broken spawn system in co-op.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Quick adding items through "Craft" and "Insert" features is not present for items outside Backpack.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Item from crafting table disappear when another of same type is harvested in the Backpack.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Walkie Talkie multi dialogues options are difficult to select using Gamepad.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Pressing the action button after choosing harvest option from expanding menu will result in object not disappearing.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Player can't manually move items from crafting table using Gamepad.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Backpack and Crafting Table do not close automatically when Player takes damage from AI.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Missing translations for new strings.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Player can move during harvest animation.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Craftable heavy objects cannot be quickly added to Crafting from the ground.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Attack with Torch has a delay when using a Gamepad.
V.2.0.6 Fixed - Cursor can disappear during Inspection when using a Gamepad.
V.2.0.5 Rework of Planks mechanics. Now they are stored in firetools’ tab.
V.2.0.5 Rework of Inspection controls.
V.2.0.5 ‘Firetools’ tab in Backpack can now store 4 items instead of 2.
V.2.0.5 Different gamepad controls for fighting, Fishing, Bow shooting and Stone throwing.
V.2.0.5 Option for toggle the Wheel Menu.
V.2.0.5 Balancing the Sanity effects, infologs lasting, range of attacks and damage received when playing using gamepad.
V.2.0.5 Some options from Expand Menu are now in quick select.
V.2.0.5 ‘Read all’ button for Notebook entries.
V.2.0.5 Blocking some inputs when using Backpack.
V.2.0.5 Button change for deleting saves.
V.2.0.5 Bleeding icon.
V.2.0.5 Indicator for taking off leeches.
V.2.0.5 More visible highlights in menus and Backpack.
V.2.0.5 Better Notebook UI.
V.2.0.5 Better changing visibility options in Pause Menu.
V.2.0.5 Better UI for Crafting.
V.2.0.5 New fist icon.
V.2.0.5 New UI hints.
V.2.0.5 New quick use buttons for crafting and insert.
V.2.0.5 New tooltips for controls.
V.2.0.5 New controller buttons icons.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Cannot Save&Quit as Client when using a Controller.
V.2.0.5 Fixed – Analog icon in Collectibles has incorrect position.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Opening Backpack during Credits returns to gameplay with blocked movement.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Player crouches when closing Collectible.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - It easy to mistake jump inputs and close the backpack.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Cursor shouldn’t be centered when opening Backpack.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - No (X) button icon next to 'Confirm' button in 'Destroy Stack' expand menu's option.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Slider for dialogs overlap with (X) icon.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - No confirm option for Custom difficulty when using controller.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Backing from Confirm in 'Destroy stack' closes the Expand menu.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - No stack options in expand menu of 2nd item in a stack of 2 items.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Player can navigate save slot menus while in 'Accept' Prompt which can cause problems.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - The gamepad highlight in Main Menu can be seen even when gamepad is not plugged to the PC.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Out of view slots can get focused for item insert.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Highlights in Filters - Join game, don't change properly.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Players can place items into same slot using Insert option.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Players can place items into same slot using Insert option and manually dragging item.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - In some languages certain texts are cut off in Options menus.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - No 'Take' option in expand menu for 1 item when using Stands.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - No mouse cursor after unplugging controller in pause menu.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Kicking Player that has already left the session results in opening the prompt to invite friend.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - The prompt about plugging the controller does not show in Main Menu.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - '%s' shows instead of the profile name in the Hint on the screen.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Placing cursor in specific place while in backpack will result in pause menu navigation being blocked.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Bird Nest/Dry Leaf/Fiber should have 'Insert' instead of 'Use' in expand menu.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Game doesn`t pause after controller is disconnected.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Puma/Jaguars are too fast and hard to hit.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Weapon Throw on all Weapons should be mapped to Right Stick press.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Player can't navigate to "Go Online" using gamepad in pause menu when in offline multiplayer session.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Cannot block from Weapon/Stone Aim and Spear UpAim.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Wound treatment slot appears even though the picked item does not match the wound and cannot be used.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Camera position changes during harvesting/crafting item.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Slot remains enlarged when Player stops hovering over item option.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Player can place only one item at a time using Insert option.
V.2.0.5 Fixed - Cannot choose save to load after choosing "No" on warning.
V.2.0.4 Fixed - Fire could not be placed under the Legend altar in some cases.
V.2.0.4 Fixed - Debugs could be used in non-developer build.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Legends sometimes could not be completed after loading game with less progress from Pause.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Crash when attempting to join a full 4 Player SoA game.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Pyre for burning bodies could become available for burning again on loaded games.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Village tab in Notebook sometimes did not unlock properly.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Swimming had smaller dead zone when using a Controller.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Main Menu music is too loud by default.
V.2.0.3 Fixed - Snare Trap with caught animal duplicated when destroyed in co-op.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Client sometimes spawns at the start of SoA when rejoining game (fix only for SoA mode).
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Map/Golden plate disappear when game is reloaded in certain conditions.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Player is unable to close Elder dialog window on low Sanity when using a Controller.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Player is unable to close Elder dialog window using "B" button on Controller.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Small items inserted into cooking slots of Tribe Village fire could not be picked up.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Low Stamina Spear attack deals no damage.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Dryer in Tribe Village did not dry food during rain.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Red cube on Airport in Survival/Story.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Marasmius soup did not reduce fever.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Dried and Spoiled Marasmius lacked this information in text on HUD.
V.2.0.2 Fixed - Debug string in Notebook for Marasmius soup's effects.
V.2.0.1 New Mode - The Spirits of Amazonia.
V.2.0.1 New Map Area.
V.2.0.1 New Tribe Villages.
V.2.0.1 Tribal Legends.
V.2.0.1 First Part of the New Storyline.
V.2.0.1 New Modular Construction - Balcony.
V.2.0.1 New Tree - Spike Tree.
V.2.0.1 New Mushroom.
V.2.0.1 Harvesting AI bodies is now done by holding the Action key.
V.2.0.1 Caimans now does not kill Player immediately.
V.2.0.1 S’ and W’ on the Watch are now colored.
V.2.0.1 Button for Expand menu can be remapped.
V.2.0.1 Now Cinematics can be turned off in Settings.
V.2.0.1 AI's now can walk in shallow water and in narrow spaces including logs.
V.2.0.1 Game FPS can now be limited (works only with VSYNC turned off).
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Storage Boxes and Beds sometimes are unusable until another Player looks at them.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Problems with building Bamboo Bridge.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Blocked inputs after returning to gameplay from Pause at the start of drinking animation.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Jaguar/Puma are hard to hit with melee Weapons.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Trunks cut down by other Player than the one cutting the tree sometimes do not give loot.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Additional Fruit can spawn under plant in Planting Box on game load.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Items in bags respawn after returning to Main Menu and reloading the game.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Pot and Bidon can be destroyed from Expand Menu.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Notebook pictures for Constructions added in Stands update look blurry on low Texture settings.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Some Soup effects are missing from Effects of Consumption.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Forms disappear too quickly when Player goes away.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - No Fever or Poison reduction info in Infolog and Effects of Consumption.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - No Sanity Icon in Infolog and Effects of Consumption.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Audio in Cinematics is missing when in-game music is muted in Settings.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Weapons held by player are not lighted by fire.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Axe appears in players hands before drinking animation stops.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Game crashes to Windows after Bad Ending if the game was loaded from save in Single Player or always in Multiplayer.
V.2.0.1 Fixed - Leeches are sucking players blood in wrong direction.
V.1.9.2 Items in Storage Box disappear if combined into a stack inside Storage Box.
V.1.9.2 Player is blocked when pausing the game at the start of washing.
V.1.9.2 Plants in the world respawn fruit endlessly when going away and returning to them.
V.1.9.2 Trunks of cut down regrowing trees become big on loaded game.
V.1.9.2 Palm Leaves Stand Trigger can become obscured by Leaves.
V.1.9.2 Game sometimes crashes when using Storage Box in single player or co-op.
V.1.9.1 Trees now regrow unless the trunk is destroyed(works on both - new and old saves).
V.1.9.1 Asus Aura Sync is now disabled by default(this should resolve crash on startup problems).
V.1.9.1 Tribes use some new sounds.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Random crashes during gameplay when Asus Aura Sync is enabled.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Player can spawn under the map after using the Elevator in Story mode(added a precaution spawning Player on terrain if they fall under it).
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Player can freeze when drinking water from puddles/river via expand menu in quick access when holding a Weapon.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Player can get stuck in pass out if they wash themselves on low condition.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Player may keep moving forwards and fall down if opening wheel menu at the start of elevator ride.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Player freezes while harvesting if co-op destroys the same item.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Placing an item into a construction slot that is under the storage box irrevocably blocks that slot.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Attempting to place constructions when rapidly attempting to open notepad can crash the game.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Error when cutting down a fully-grown Brazil nut tree planted in a large planting box.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Error when plowing a large growing box after cutting down a Brazil nut tree that was grown in it.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Host cannot respawn when alone in multiplayer game.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Host cannot save and quit when alone in session.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Respawn point does not update in Beds if the Player is alone in the Multiplayer session.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Spears disappear when thrown at Hunters.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Sanity Hunter can damage sane co-op when shooting arrows.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Items in construction slots become small.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Spilling uncooked soup then trying to cook water in the same container results in soup being cooked.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Spamming 'Wake up' option when sleeping comfortably gives player Sanity every time.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Water filter and Bamboo water filter doesn't collect rain water if placed on a roof.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Cocona seeds on the ground are invisible unless the player crouches.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Improper audio for walking on several objects.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Pause menu stats are overlapping with their values in some languages.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Some items have wrong position in cooking slots on mud fireside wall built on bamboo wall.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Maggots have different scale when placed into cooking slots.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Bow Trap doesn't have precise collision.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Items that break to smaller items have improper sound when hit.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Wood resin stacks in improper position.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Meat placed on upper dryer slots should be hanging down.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Small fishes and fish meats are hard to take off from Smoker.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Malanga bulb model does not fit grill rack.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Some items do not fit in the cooking slots visually.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Dryer has Bone Needle instead of Bone Hook in it's ghost and Notebook recipe.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Soup made of multiple items in pot look like water.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Soup made of multiple items in Turtle Shell or Bowl tur yellowish at the start of cooking process.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Liquid containers are placed too far from wooden water filter.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Dripping Water in Bamboo_Water_Filter and Water_Filter is in wrong place.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Meat soups turn yellow instantly after putting the meat into Pot/Shell/Bowl with water.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Eggs are placed in wrong position in cooking slot.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Weapon placement on weapon rack is inconsistent.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Crab impaled on a certain spears is shown in a wrong angle.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Water visually disappears from bowls when a soup item is placed inside.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Microwave LODs other than LOD0 are always closed.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Short Walls are not destroyed after breaking Short Mud Wall.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Missing footsteps/jump sounds for several objects.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Charcoal lying on the ground in Cartel and Harbor is huge.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Adding mud or ash to mud mixer has wood audio.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Sound of Microwave open/close is hearable in the whole game world.
V.1.9.1 Fixed - Microwave opening sound is same as closing sound.
V.1.8.1 Added support for special lighting effects for Asus hardware supported by Aura Sync technology.
V.1.8.1 Added a Troubleshooting menu into Main and Pause menus.
V.1.8.1 Fixed - Items picked up from environment could duplicate in another Player’s inventory.
V.1.8.1 Fixed - Brews giving food poisoning only caused vomit without giving status effect.
V.1.8.1 Fixed - Achievement for completing tutorial unlocked after cutscene(some Players still have issues with movies crashing their game, that’s why we changed that so they can unlock the achievement).
V.1.8.1 Fixed - There was a typo in Language select for 'Portugês' instead of 'Português' in Brasil Portuguese.
V.1.8.1 Fixed - Steam popup for Gardener achievement showed up at 7 instead of 6/12 plants.
V.1.8.0 40 brand new Achievements that can be unlocked in: Story Mode, Survival, Challenges, Co-op.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Potential fix for crash that caused infinite saving in multiplayer games.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Potential fix that disables debug for griefers.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Backpack may close itself when using fire starting tool on uneven terrain.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Client gets stuck in PreDream if they join at the exact moment Host is making Ayahuasca.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Attempting to place constructions when rapidly attempting to open notepad can crash the game.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Breaking snare trap while an animal is caught in it results in a crash.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Joining back into a session with a baited fishing rod selected results in a crash.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Block after drinking water during vomiting.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Tribal weapons disappear when trying to take them from backpack.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Days survived can be raised by saving and loading game multiple times.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Torch is active when choosing from WT or answering dialogues.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Overweight players cannot enter the elevator and may die if they try to.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Only not completed Quests should appear in infolog after rejoining the game with further progress.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Pause menu remains in the active game if Player has paused game when he accepted the invite to another session.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - "Use Walkie Talkie/Reply" string in keybindings overlaps the keybind.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Hand holding WT doesn't change position when looking down in 3rd person animation.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Other Player leeches can be interacted with in some cutscenes.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Watch keybind is not displayed properly when using Map in some languages.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Player can be transferred to ending cutscene of the game with open menus.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Small translation errors in French, Italian and Czech and Russian.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Black thumbnails in empty slots while saving the game.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Part of Spike Trap's and Bow Trap's ghost stays white after placing.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Bamboo Logs in Bamboo Shed's ghost are very bright.
V.1.8.0 Fixed - Bamboo stick stands can be placed outside of the edge of the roof.
V.1.7.0 New Stand types - Banana/Palm Leaf, Small Stone, Big Stone, Bamboo Log, Bamboo Long Stick, Bamboo Stick, Rope.
V.1.7.0 New Bed type - Banana Leaf Bed.
V.1.7.0 Singleplayer Survival saves can now be converted to Multiplayer. This action is irreversible so do it with certainty. This should take care of the issue some Players had with their saves being changed to Singleplayer.
V.1.7.0 Saves can now be deleted. This action is also irreversible.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Potential fix for spawn in debug scene that some Players encountered.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Possible crash when transferring a single item multiple times to the crafting table when holding Alt.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Some construction ghosts had improper starting rotation when taken out from Notebook.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - On loaded saves respawn point of Player that saved is set to save point.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Short Wall and Short Bamboo Wall were constructed from long sticks.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Stand Triggers are not visible at all times.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Player stuck in Crouch after changing key bindings to any other key.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Construction ghosts selected from Notebook on the ground can be placed outside Roof boundary.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Players can bypass the tutorial warning by playing Survival beforehand.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - 'Take max' should be below 'Take 3' option in Stands' expand menu.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Host is respawned near Client after reload.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Player can stop mid-air by harvesting an item.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Player cannot shoot through Stands, Smokers, Racks and Walls.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Obsolete expand menu on Stands trigger when Player has max of item type in inventory/hands.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Max item count shows up twice in infolog when picking up Heavy Objects from Stand.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Maggots are visible from under worn honey dressing when wearing it on a infected wound.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Log Stand has obsolete option in expand menu.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Bone Knife is placed half in a bucket half in floor.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Water Filter doesn`t collect rainwater like other constructions.
V.1.7.0 Fixed - Plant from balance spawner does not have receive damage third-person animation.
V.1.6.1 Fixed - Players could overwrite saves by quitting from their save and playing through Tutorial on same session.
V.1.6.1 Fixed - Players that completed Tutorial on previous game version can have a milky blue filter on screen when joining another Player’s game.
V.1.6.1 Community member - Jaunitta - added to credits.
V.1.6.0 Story mode can now be enjoyed in multiplayer by up to 4 Players.
V.1.6.0 Save slots for singleplayer and multiplayer games are now separate, giving you 4 slots each! Games started as singleplayer cannot be played as multiplayer and vice versa.
V.1.6.0 Tutorial can now be played separately from Story mode, preparing you for multiplayer.
V.1.6.0 Improved game browser with game type/difficulty filters.
V.1.6.0 Players now cannot change save slot when saving multiplayer games(this prevents problems with desynchronization of Client’s and Host’s progress).
V.1.6.0 Player names in chat are now displayed in the color of Player’s t-shirt.
V.1.6.0 When Mia talks to you through Walkie Talkie or Radio a walkie talkie icon shows up.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Save and quit of Client doesn’t trigger save of other Players.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Time-based processes are not working properly.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Saving game in killbox sends Client to an infinite death loop after rejoin.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player cannot highlight multiplayer game in Game browser when using a Controller.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Blocked input after certain animations when low on stamina.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player is able to take a Parrot when other Player harvests it leading to a crash.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Crash when saving game loaded from specific save from Community.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Tribes that killed Player can go to his respawn point after respawn.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - No Wood icon on Mud Charcoal Furnace for not owners after one full usage.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Selecting Notebook or Inspection via clicking on wheel menu with Torch equipped cause softlock.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Attacking with torch while simultaneously opening notepad locks the player.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player can't pour water into Mud Water Filter after co-op.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Some functions does not change buttons when action key is binded.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Attempting to pick up a fish pierced by a projectile while inventory is full results in looped splash fx.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Audiolog text blinks for a split second when a new line begins and Player is far away.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Obsolete option 'singleplayer' in multiplayer in-game 'online visibility'.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Some of HO objects are rescaled when changing owner a few times.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Soups made from anti-parasitic items have very low chance or no chance of removing parasites.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Constructions and items don't disappear during PreDreams.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Construction ghosts don’t disappear during PreDreams.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Lootable items reappear for Host if Client picks them up first alone.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Tribes can have very tiny weapons.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player can fall through Elevator's floor when harvesting/crafting.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - No Wood icon on Mud Charcoal Furnace for non owners after one full usage.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Obsolete 'Green Hell' difficulty Filter in game browser.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - It's easy to highlight two options at once in the menus.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player's name shows in front of you when standing in roughly same spot as them.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Character uses block when backing out from Reading Collectable using [R].
V.1.6.0 Fixed - fx appears too fast when igniting any fire.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Several dialog and Notebook typos in polish.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Various meats from Poison Dart Frog don't trigger Food Poisoning.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Player can slide down to GoldMine and survive.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Shaking animation when opening craft while holding Axe/Blade/Torch with low stamina.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Spear/Bow with Arrow disappears from hand but hand remains in holding position while opening Crafting via the Wheel Menu.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - "Map - New Location" in infolog for every Player when Player goes to location someone else discovered.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Some texts in Notebook can be slightly cut off.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Tribe corpses are invisible for the third Player if Tribes were killed before his join.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Tribes killed when second Player is away are bald for them.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Arrows shot by Tribe in Dream_3 have desynchronized whoosh sound.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Last sentence of credits is cut off.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Logs are present during PreDream_2 if Player loaded Story save straight from a Survival game.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - One of the triggers in Lab Analyzer is in a wrong place.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Ayahuasca_bowl_LOD0 in Ayahuasca Bowls has different position then rest of the LODs.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Charcoal and Campfire ash spawns at the beginning of dream 4.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Walkie Talkie picked up inside Hero Tent casts a shadow.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Prebuilt Fish Stick Trap is a bit too high.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Trigger for line in cenote without Climbing Gear is appearing when player is 5m away.
V.1.6.0 Fixed - Mud Shower has no rain cutter.
V.1.5.5 Potential Fix - Tribesmen are invisible for some Players.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - No option to turn off Head Bobbing.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Stopped cooking progress on some saves.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Double Tribesmen in Camps on loaded saves.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - AI aggro is not transferred correctly from a passed out Player.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Player cannot pick up item in Inventory if another Player has cursor over item in same space in their Backpack.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Bone Tools are names as Stone Tools in Russian.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Fire snapped to Smokers is partially under the Roof.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Menu options that should be greyed out are not when using a controller.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Sometimes Weapon of Host can be taken from hand by other Players.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Misleading info in chat if Host only opened save menu but did not save.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Stingrays multiply when caught using a Spear.
V.1.5.5 Fixed - Wrong info on “blocked by coop” trigger for Mud Mixer.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Quest Items don't unlock for Client that was not in session and had saved previous progress.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Crash after exiting the game with heavy objects in hands.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Error When Host walks near Tribal Arrow stuck near Cartel.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Crash for Client with opened Crafting when Host quits game.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Crash when quitting game after moving stacks in Storage Box.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Crash for Client when dying from Sanity Tribe.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Savage changing ownership directly after/during Stone Throw freezes.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Corrupted save with death at start.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Tribes can be stuck after spawning to a Fire with three Players near.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Charcoal Furnace has a smoke effect and wood icon after going far away when it's fired up and going back when it's off.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Mud Forge slot disappears for Host when he goes far away from empty Forge near Client and goes back.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Doubled Dryers after loading save.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Jaguar and Puma spawner cooldown should be longer.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Water Sip Hydration should always be 40.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Items are not stacked properly after Client opens Host's Storage Box for the first time.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Physics of items is significantly different for players.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Unclickable Quit prompt if Client tried to Quit game at the same time as Host.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Host’s respawn point is set to save point when loading game.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Some texts in menus are cut off in certain languages.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Items taken by Player via expand with full Backpack are dropped with Backpack’s scale applied.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Items and constructions are still 'in use' for other Players if Player looking at them paused game.
V.1.5.4 Fixed - Obsolete message in infolog on Player connect/disconnect.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - No Save & Quit option in Multiplayer games.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Sometimes Client progress was not loaded properly(rejoin was needed).
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Items(also Quest Items like Grappling Hook etc.) disappear after reload if the owner changed between saves.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Saving inventory in case of Client disconnect does not work.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Player always sleeps full time even if waking up earlier.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - No cooldown on Sanity penalty when coop dies.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Weapon skills don't level up for Clients.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Killed Tribe Camp can generate combat music for Players.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Nutrients depletion is too high.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Tribes can spawn near Clients.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Logs between 2nd Ayahuasca location and Anaconda Island are not present in Survival on saves from before V.1.5.2.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Mud Forge can stop working when metal is melted far away from Players.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - AI attacking passed out Player gives no damage.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - No warning that player can't load save from Story in co-op.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Message 'nick: [SAVED GAME]' in chat should appear after saving the game.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Bridge ghost in Story mode.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Water Filters are not working briefly if different Players poured water and inserted Bowls.
V.1.5.3 Fixed - Player is unable to rotate the camera with Backpack open on PS4 Dualshock controller.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Performance issues (Unity change from 2018 ver to 2019).
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Bows cannot be used when switched from Spear after using Watch.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Tribes are sometimes invisible to some Players.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - "Host left" message screen shows when Player gets DC but Host is still in game.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Crash when loading save some saves.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Mud Forge unlocks only from iron ore stone.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Metal Items damage rebalanced to feel more powerful.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - In Survival logs that would spawn after Dream_2 are missing.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Palm/Banana leaves should be harvested to Small Leaf Pile.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - No Stone Ring unlock in Harbor.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Player can climb the Tutorial Rope after it snaps.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Cannot interact with Construction Triggers if they are inside Ambient Zones.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Birds have weird flight patterns.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Hammock is on the ground in 1st Dream.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Mud Forge does not unlock if different Player picked up Mud and mined Iron Ore.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Mud Water Collector does not unlock if different Players unlock required unlocks.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Mia's Notebook is hanging in the Air in 1st Dream.
V.1.5.2 Fixed - Balance slightly reworked (macro elements depletion reworked)
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Bowl icon appears in crosshair after certain action.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Icon of meat stays for Client if meat is taken from the slot/fire burns out before meat is cooked.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Charcoal Furnace progress stops for owner if away before finishing burning.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Left analog stick not working on PS4 Controller.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Crash when Tribe stomp on a Host Spike Trap he dies only for a Client.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Crash for Host when Tribe Patrol spawned near Bamboo Bridge.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Bamboo bow model gets duplicated and flipped after checking smartwatch.
V.1.5.1 Fixed – Crash when walking around at Anaconda Island.
V.1.5.1 Probable fix for low FPS.
V.1.5.1 Probable fix for - Player can spawn at Tutorial location and stay there.
V.1.5.0 Cooperation added to Survival Mode.
V.1.5.0 Cooperation Mode - up to 4 players.
V.1.5.0 Co-op Players are able to help other Players who passed out.
V.1.5.0 Turkish language added.
V.1.5.0 Player is able to take leeches off from Co-op’s body.
V.1.5.0 Game is saved on Host's chosen Slot.
V.1.5.0 Players can now respawn after death in Co-op Mode.
V.1.5.0 Items are dropped on the ground upon death.
V.1.5.0 Co-op Players lose sanity when other Player in the session dies.
V.1.5.0 Player will lose some of health after respawning.
V.1.5.0 Campfire and Stone Ring are now built with 8 Stones and 4 Big Stones instead of 12.
V.1.5.0 Logs and Long sticks no longer despawn.
V.1.5.0 Pot removed from 1 location. Now present only in Cartel.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Slots in constructions are lost if Player uses "insert" from expand on item that is in another slot.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Partially completed ghosts of Mud modular constructions were not cut off by Roofs.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Bowls are lost if under Water Filter/Collector destroyed by Player/Tribe.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Unnecessary collision on Roof ghosts on Sheds.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - South American Rattlesnake's collision elevates Player during the attack.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Spearman can attack Player through Mud Roof.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Wound slot in inspection does not turn green when aimed at with Bandage/Dressing.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Pot in Cartel is sometimes under the Grill instead of on top.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Liquid conflict when adding dirty water to Mud Water Collector filled with rain water.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Lab tent in WHA Camp has trigger on Survival mode.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Top stick in Doorways is easy to miss when building them.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Construction can be build inside Frame Wall/Roofs if their ghosts were previously snapped to higher floor.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Death hint when Player dies with Insomnia is missing.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box had collision on ghosts.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Tribesmen spawned to burning fire attack Ayahuasca Cauldron and Hammocks.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Improper animation of shaking off Bees.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - No Bow stretching animation for Hunter.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Bamboo Frame ghost has different rope material than finished Bamboo Frame.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Most items from stack thrown out from inventory don't get dropped in same place.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Dryer changes scale slightly after ghost is completed.
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Ignited Torches return for a moment to vertical position after Player stops blocking.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Puma/Jaguar runs around trying to reach Player that is standing on a higher floor.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Animal droppings spawn rate is too small.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Storage Box on higher floors have collision under the Roof.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Bamboo Fishing Rod sticks out above the Roof if placed on Weapon Rack under the Roof.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Cannot Place Roofs above Weapon Rack.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Bamboo Dryer/Smoker/Bamboo Smoker can be placed under a Roof.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Constructions placed on Roof can block snapping of Frames on the sides.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Stuck in crouch if overweight happens in crouch mode.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Caiman can kill Player standing on the roof.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Items left on the Roof can drop through it when Player moves far away and returns.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Wall cannot be placed again after destroying Mud Fireside Wall in the middle Frame after reloading.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Cannot interact with water in rivers/waterfalls in area next to Airport.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Leaf roofs covered half of Shed on the floor.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Items from Storage Box can sometimes disappear.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Mud Ceiling of Shed that is placed above ground level has too small raincutter.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Hard to insert topmost Banana Leaf into Banana Roof on Shelter built on a floor.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Player is able to stack items inside Storage Box on top of each other after rotating them.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – Items disappear when a stack of them is thrown into full Storage Box.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – 3 balance spawners in the air near Grappling Hook.
V.1.3.2 Fixed – When raining fire goes out under roof placed only on higher floor.
V.1.3.1 Fixed - Storage boxes are destroyed when pressing L letter on the keyboard.
V.1.3.1 Fixed - Game crashes when loading certain saves.
V.1.3.0 New Constructions: Side Doorway, Mud Side Doorway, Bamboo Side Doorway, Short Wall, Short Bamboo Wall,
Short Mud Wall, Mud Roof With Notch, Ladder, Bamboo Ladder.
V.1.3.0 Player is not able to walk on Banana and Palm Leaves Roof! Only Mud Roofs are good floors.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Dying in custom Green Hell mode can corrupt all saves slots teleporting Player to empty edge of map.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Combat mode does not stop after killing tribesmen.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Grill Rack snapped to Small Fire with Stone Ring stops working after game reload.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Keybind for Plowing is hardcoded to Q.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Balance spawners under Constructions are still active.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Parrots can push Player.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Reigniting a Torch resets its durability.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Switching between Tourist difficulty save and others heals wounds.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Hands go into ‘holding leaves’ position after inserting Heavy Object into construction.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Stone Ring is placed too high above the ground.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Campfire doesn't light surroundings properly.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes text on the right side of the Notebook is not centered.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Mud inserted into Mud Roof lacks collision before Roof is completed.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Stands did not have collision with AI.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes Tapir/Peccary can spawn in water.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - It can be hard to insert some items into ghost when building Sheds.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Save Triggers on Shelters’ Roofs are visible from the outside.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Items fall into Shelter Roofs' models.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes it's impossible to insert Mud Brick into Mud Wall.
V.1.3.0 Fixed - Some items have improper weight.
V.1.2.1 Fixed – Tooltips text overlapses if the language has many characters.
V.1.2.1 Fixed – UI on Ultrawide resolutions can go off screen.
V.1.2.1 Fixed – x360 wireless controller not working.
V.1.2.1 Fixed – Drinking healing liquids does not reduce effect stacks.
V.1.2.0 New input method - Controller.
V.1.2.0 New Options - Toggle Crouch, Run, Watch.
V.1.2.0 New Icons.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Cannot change keybind for Deconstruct.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Typos in polish translation.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Patient cards have "Pacient card" typo on triggers.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box drawings in Notebook are blurry on lower texture settings.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Cannot change keybind for Backpack sort.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Cannot unlock Planting Boxes on specific save.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - After destroying one of the construction walls whole frame is demolished and new frame can not be placed.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Camera moves along with wheel menu after opening it from Map.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Slot icon are blurry when Textures Quality are on Low.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - DAY 1/2/3/32 screens are blurry when Texture Quality is set to Low.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Game crashes when hitting fish caught with Fishing Rod Trap/Stick Trap.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Player stands up when opening expand menu while in crouch.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Game crashes after killing Savage in fist fight.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Player should cycle only between Weapons when using mouse wheel/dpad.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Random crashes when loading saves.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Growth icon is not updated if fruits are picked with open backpack.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - 'Mouse Smoothing' Option name does not fit when using a Controller.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Low stamina sounds are triggered twice when Player runs out of Stamina.
V.1.2.0 Fixed - Mud roof does not have a collision.
V.1.1.1 Fixed - Some of the inputs (i.e. expand) do not work after changing Key Bindings.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Animal droppings are hard to notice.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Default keys in key bindings always work.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Snapping ghosts can be placed without snapping it to another structure.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – No plow icon in Acre Trigger after cutting down plant.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Phallus_indusiatus_dryed collision doesn't match model position.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Dried Phallus Indusiatus does not stack.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Cannot drink/spill bowls that have 0/100 hydration.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Game crashes when inserting a stack of Dry Leaf into fire starting tool.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Armor stays in the air if picked up from Backpack after swapping.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Water containers should fill up from 1/10 instead of 0/10.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Fruits don't drop after cutting down entire plant growing in Acre.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Game crashes when loading specific saves.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Drying timer is not shown for cut down Flowers.
V.1.1.1 Fixed – Game crashes when swapping broken Armor using expand menu.
V.1.1.0 New plantable items - Seeds, Nuts, Dried Flowers and Sticks.
V.1.1.0 New constructions - Planting Box, Small Planting Box.
V.1.1.0 New items - Fertilizer (Spoiled Fruits, Animal Droppings).
V.1.1.0 Unity Analytics has been disabled.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Crash when stringing Bow and vomiting at the same time.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Items hang in the air when put on Dryer.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Player gains more parasites than stated in infolog when drinking dirty/unsafe water.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Player doesn't always get Parasites despite "+ 1 Parasites" being in infolog.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Raft Challenge can be completed by building Raft and without gathering Coconuts.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Elements from cut bamboo plant cover triggers for long bamboo stick making them hard to be picked up.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Sometimes Player cannot highlight items that are under construction.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - One slot of Dryer is inactive when Player attempts to take out Phallus from it.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Monstera Deliciosa Flowers and Fruit items' names don't have each word starting with capital letter.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Some Players have Armor stuck to the arm.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Player can escape from Tutorial Camp.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Dried items have same icon as fresh ones.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Phallus model is turned when dried in Dryer Slot.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - First Psychotria could be hard to find.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Cane Toad and Poison Dart Frog could cause items to disappear.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Coconut halves could fall under terrain when cut with Weapon.
V.1.1.0 Fixed - Quassia Amara shakes violently when hit with Weapon.
V.1.0.4 Fixed – Sometimes Key cannot be found at the Airport.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Ayahuasca Cauldron can be used during a Walkie Talkie dialog.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Small Fire and Campfire burn out timer is not sped up during sleep.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Sometimes food decays when save is loaded.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Number of Vomits in Pause Menu shows number of days survived instead.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Items that Player picks up but has no place for in Backpack don't stay in place.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Bird Nests duplicate their contents if Player tries to pick up the Nest with no space.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Eating Can directly from Storage does not return the Empty Can.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Item change position in backpack in Players save.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Boiling sound remains in game after drinking the soup.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Roofs are transparent.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Cutscene should be skipped when skipping Tutorial.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Game crashes after loading the save in the Tutorial causing problems with bandaging wound.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Cannot attack/use triggers after using Map with Watch.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Changing Weapon from Fishing Rod can cause problems.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Arrows in Bow Trap get bigger on every game save/load cycle.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Constructions sometimes duplicate themselves.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - No ambient sounds after reloading save.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Wood resin taken from dead trees can have different sizes and position in Backpack.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Bird feather taken from Bird Nest can have different sizes and position in Backpack.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Crash when handling stacks of particular items.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Decay timer differs for many items.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Grappling Hook, Climbing/Diving Gear and Maps disappear when reloading Survival autosave.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Player loads under Airport shed when loading save made using calendar at the Airport.
V.1.0.3 Fixed - Player should be able to harvest Campfire Ash from Charcoal.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Player can use Ayahuasca Cauldron during a Walkie Talkie dialog.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Typos in polish translation.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Game loads at the empty debug space at the start of a new game after dying in Perma-Death mode.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Items can disappear from storage.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Permanent DAY 1 screen when starting Story mode.
V.1.0.2 Take 3 and Take max in Stands expand take only 1 Heavy Object and the rest gets destroyed.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Armors are not hidden during Dreams.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Player is not healed before good ending Airport cutscene.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Examine Painted Rock objective sometimes does not complete.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Items in picked up stack change size unexpectedly.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Tribesmen from last scene are present in previous scenes if Player reloads save.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Fullscreen changes to Borderless on resolution change.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Character starts aiming Spear after choosing save slot or backing out from menus.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Plants tab counter shows new entries when loading game from Main Menu.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Constructions snapped to Small Fire/Campfire don't work after reloading game.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Crash during loading the game during mud brick creating animation.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Snakes at some locations can spawn inside the terrain.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Credits end before they are shown in full.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Arrow sometimes gets stuck to hand after loading game.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Game crashed after Caiman attack during aiming at him with Bow.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Character starts aiming Spear after choosing save slot or backing out from menus.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Some Fish cannot be caught with a Fishing Rod with Maggots/Larva as bait.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Game crashes on Campfire on certain save after saving on different slot.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Add more hints in construction tooltips.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – 5.1 sound is not supported.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Description of Green Hell difficulty setting in Polish doesn't fit the screen.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Tribe woman in the last scene of Dream 1 has no collision.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Small Fire under Ayahuasca Cauldron is not always registered.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Soups do not give Player the Food Poisoning status.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Broken game saving on certain save.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Blurry Poison Dart Frog Danger Card on LOW Texture Quality setting.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – Ghosts in Mighty Camp Challenge are empty after Player returns to them from far away.
V.1.0.2 Fixed – White screen instead of Ending movie after Dream 4
V.1.0.1 Fixed – Crash when eating nuts.
V.1.0.1 Fixed – Player can start harvesting during combat.
V.1.0.1 Fixed – Crash when eating mushrooms.
V.1.0.1 Potential Fix – Death by Fall screen appears after starting Story Mode.
V.1.0.1 Potential Fix – Key bindings dont work correctly if controller is plugged in.
V.1.0.1 Game works smoother in full screen mode.
V.1.0.0 New – Story Mode
V.1.0.0 New – Map Areas
V.1.0.0 New plants - Psychotria Viridis, Banisteriopsis Caapi
V.1.0.0 New AI - Dart Frog
V.1.0.0 New Difficulty Levels - Tourist, King of the Jungle, Custom
V.1.0.0 New In-game Map
V.1.0.0 New Combat and hunting Music
V.1.0.0 New Save game points added to in-game locations
V.1.0.0 New Lootable bags
V.1.0.0 New Random loot system of consumable items and weapons in locations
V.1.0.0 New Continue game button
V.1.0.0 New Mushroom
V.1.0.0 New sounds added
V.1.0.0 New - Items left on the ground are now disappearing over time
V.1.0.0 Change – Various optimizations for better performance
V.1.0.0 Change – More Graphics and Game options
V.1.0.0 Change – Tree falling direction added
V.1.0.0 Change – ‘Confirm’ added to ‘Destroy’ option
V.1.0.0 Change – Ability to move whole stacks of items
V.1.0.0 Change – New Bow Mechanics - Steady Aim, Sway
V.1.0.0 Change – Item weight reworked
V.1.0.0 Change – Hits needed to destroy structures adjusted
V.1.0.0 Change – Save/Load Menu
V.1.0.0 Change – Ambient sound system improved
V.1.0.0 Change – AI patrols mechanics improved
V.1.0.0 Change – Rearranged birds and butterflies
V.1.0.0 Change – Improved UI for ultrawide resolutions
V.1.0.0 Change – Reworked part of the tutorial
V.1.0.0 Change – Balance system adjustment
V.1.0.0 Change – Barriers and Killboxes adjusted
V.1.0.0 Change – Tutorial is now part of the Story Mode
V.1.0.0 Change – Unique items have destroy button removed
V.1.0.0 Change – Rearranged buildings in some locations
V.1.0.0 Change – Harvesting a body makes Player dirty
V.1.0.0 Change – Harvesting a body makes Player dirty
V.1.0.0 Change – Objects now have proper sound when hitting or walking on them
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Some Log beds cannot be placed under shed with mud walls.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes Arrows disappear in Backpack and still take space.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Items that Player attempts to place in taken space in Storage Box are broken.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Arrows/Stones taken from Storage Box may hang in the air when shot/thrown.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Thrown Spears/Shot Arrows dragged into Backpack thrown/shot again may in the air.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Arrow from Bow doesn't return to Backpack but is dropped instead.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Pickaxe and axe have incorrect recipe.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes constructions do not unlock in notebook.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes Animals or Tribes could walk through Mud Fireside Wall and Doorways.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Animals and Tribes could go through Mud Water Collector.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Toucan Meat (Spoiled) does not stack properly.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Bird Feathers stack looks improperly.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Shelter With Bed is hard to built.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – All stands have improper collision.
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes Bandaged wound is not healing - health bar remains the same.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Incorrect Axe recipe.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Incorrect Cage Trap recipe.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Walls don't despawn when completing loaded Mud Fireside Wall's ghost.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Crash when loading a save after food spoiled during sleep.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Crash when Food from stack that decayed partially gets destroyed.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Crash when food from separated stack decays.
V.0.5.3 Fixed – Significant FPS drop after patch V.0.5.0
V.0.5.3 Fixed – 6 stacks of insomnia are present when loading save after hotfix V.0.5.2
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Cooking slots of Fireside wall do not work for Bowls if they were placed before igniting fireplace inside.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Mud Shed Wall is not destroyed along with Shed.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Food Poisoning unlocks instead of Dirt in Notebook on saves from previous game versions.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Crash while loading some saves.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Missing symbols in Hungarian language.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Destroying one frame will cause all other attached constructions to be destroyed.
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Constructions attached to Frames or Sheds don't get destroyed along with them.
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Doorway couldn’t be placed between two frames
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Player can't move on save from v 0.3.6 and older loaded in v 0.5.0
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Armor Molds have debug strings in name
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Non-baked Molds couldn’t be Harvested to reuse Melted Iron Ore
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Text in Notebook doesn't fit the page and is cut off
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Changed pickaxe crafting recipe
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Crash when Tribesmen destroy two Mud Fireside Walls with Small Fires
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Water collector didn’t collect water faster when sleeping
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Certain actions could be invoked during animations and cause problems
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Crash when trying to throw Stone during igniting fire
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Mud Fireside Wall wasn’t destroyed along with Frame it was attached to
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Bee/Ants biting animation could be cancelled by throwing a Stone or Sleeping/Inspection
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Food during prepare disappeared after destroying building
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Challenges descriptions weren’t consistent
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Dirtiness gained when Sleeping/Passing out didn’t scale with time spent sleeping
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Game crashed upon cutting the tree that has been cut from the start
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Radio Challenge had a typo in the description in the Polish language
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Heavy objects couldn’t be dropped if picked up with low stamina while holding a Weapon
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Player was able to go to disabled locations
V.0.5.1 Fixed – There was no death screen when Player dies from falling
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Couldn’t unlock Doorway/Bamboo Doorway on saves from previous versions
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Symbols in Notebook in some languages were not displayed correctly
V.0.5.1 Fixed – A lot of items were spawned after starting new game
V.0.5.0 New dirtiness system - getting dirty and cleaning up
V.0.5.0 New building resource - Mud
V.0.5.0 New craft resource - Iron
V.0.5.0 New construction - Mud Charcoal Furnace, Forge
V.0.5.0 New item - Metal Armor
V.0.5.0 New iron weapons ( Blade, Axe, Spear, Pickaxe, Arrow)
V.0.5.0 New construction - Storage
V.0.5.0 New modular buildings - (Mud Wall, Mud Window Wall, Mud Fireplace Wall, Mud Shed Wall, Mud Roof)
V.0.5.0 New construction - Mud Water Filter/Collector
V.0.5.0 New construction - Shower
V.0.5.0 New language - Hungarian
V.0.5.0 New Notebook bookmark - Mud
V.0.5.0 New construction - Mud Mixer
V.0.5.0 New challenge - Blacksmith
V.0.5.0 New Balance
V.0.5.0 New model - opened Small and Big Cans
V.0.5.0 New Peccary sound
V.0.5.0 New Plank model
V.0.5.0 More precise buildings’ collision
V.0.5.0 More precise tree collision
V.0.5.0 Thinner Four Pronged Spear model
V.0.5.0 HP regeneration rework
V.0.5.0 Light from Campfire is now brighter
V.0.5.0 Water Collector and Bamboo Water Collector are easier to destroy now
V.0.5.0 Modular constructions are now easier to build
V.0.5.0 Campfire ash now takes more space in Backpack
V.0.5.0 Smaller Albahaca Leaves
V.0.5.0 Blue butterflies
V.0.5.0 Lower chance to catch Prawn in Prawn Trap
V.0.5.0 Brazilian Wandering Spider’s Body is now the same size as alive Spider
V.0.5.0 Palm and Banana Roofs can now be deconstructed
V.0.5.0 Beds are smaller now
V.0.5.0 New Frames can be placed next to modular Walls
V.0.5.0 Longer time to heal treated wound after reloading save
V.0.5.0 Palm Roof and Banana Roof look slightly different
V.0.5.0 Constructions generate different sound and fx depending on where they were hit
V.0.5.0 Broken Armor can’t be taken off when hidden
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Potential crash in Tutorial when trying to pick up candy bars before able to
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Potential crash when walking in water in specific spot
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Game locked after harvesting an animal after the weapon runs out of durability
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Spoiled food restacked improperly in Backpack
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Spoiled food rotated in Backpack to default position
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Armor could be stacked on another Armor after loading
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Dialogue with Mia continued after skipping the Tutorial
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Tutorial objective appeared after reloading Tutorial
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Various problems when loading Tutorial saves
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Weapons from Weapon Rack could not be picked up without opening Backpack
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Stone and Cage Traps lacked collision
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Trigger of Log in Bamboo Shed ghost
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Cooking slot issues
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Shed Roof ghost retained it’s position after aiming it elsewhere
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Picking up animation was played twice while holding Bamboo Bow
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Self-lighting Fireplace crash
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Campfire had incorrect recipe in the Notebook
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Egg/Bird Feather disappeared when Nest was taken first
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Rain drops were visible on some items in the Backpack
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Cooked Malanga and Cassava had missing text
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Construction Ghost could be placed inside cuttable trees
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Water containers didn’t fill up during Player’s sleep
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Some constructions couldn’t be placed inside the Shed
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Small Fire had same icon regardless if Player held Ember or not
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Mask and Danger Cards in Tent disappeared too soon during Tutorial
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Plants tab had an additional non-functional counter in Notebook
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Text on some Weapons was misplaced
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Walls and other attachments cannot be placed to already build Frames on Anaconda Island.
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Fists attack didn’t generate any sound
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Maggots became huge when placed in Pot with boiling water
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Tail of Puma and Jaguar stopped in living position after death
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Some animations were played twice if Player held a Bamboo Bow
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Walkie-Talkie and Battery had Destroy option in expand menu
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Couldn’t kill a Fish with a Tribal Arrow
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Players leg protruded from armor
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Constructions had improper hit sound
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Roofs’ ghosts placed on Sheds could not be deconstructed
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Smoker didn’t work on some saves
V.0.5.0 Fixed - One barrel changed color depending on distance from Player
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Fishing Rods and Torches couldn’t be stored on a Weapon Rack
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Player’s hand went into camera after hitting with second Weapon swing
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Headshots with Weapons other than Arrows and Spears killed AI instantly
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Player could interact with items that were under the right side menu’s buttons
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Firestarting Tools could be used in shallow water
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Crafting Arrows could make Bow load couple Arrows at once
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Some AI attacks didn’t close Body Inspection
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Bow Trap had arming icon even when armed
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Destroyed Campfire’s components were blown high into the air
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Plane remains were transparent when looking inside
V.0.4.5 Fixed - Terrain textures are taking too much video memory.
V.0.4.5 Fixed - Game sometimes crashes after impaling crab on spear.
V.0.4.4 Added - FPS counter
V.0.4.4 Fixed - Game crashes when Players harvest fish directly from a Spear
V.0.4.4 Fixed - Armor have to be taken off in order to remove Worm, Leeches and apply Bandage
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Items can be placed in wrong Backpack’s tabs
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Animals from destroyed traps behave as if they are still caught in the trap
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Spearman does not appear when Player’s sanity is low
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Insomnia appearing in infolog instead of Worm when removing Worm
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Stone thrown by Tribe can hit other Tribesmen
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Arrow that deals final blow cannot be taken from AI's body without harvesting
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player cannot fist-fight when receiving damage
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Bow Trap is triggered by small AI's
V.0.4.3 Fixed – One Arrow is dropped on the ground when save with Bow and Arrow is loaded
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Beehives are not vulnerable to spears
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Armor picked up from limb, changes position for second if not picked directly from slot
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Spear aim animation is glitchy when Player runs out of stamina
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Finding Cage Trap near island does not grant entry in the Notebook
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Fish impaled on Spear without throw has improper position in Backpack
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Bait slot in Fishing Rod Trap is visible only from one side
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Tribes can destroy human traps
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player can block incoming projectiles with Armor during Inspection
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Tirbes cause fps drop
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Armor hit sound is played on Ants/Bees attack and fall damage
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Tribes do not react on headshot of their partners
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player is not able to shoot arrows/ change bow to any other tool
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Broken Armor removal is awkward
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Leeches can fall off from players hand after placing an armor
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Human AI footstep sounds are too quiet
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Bandages are clipping through Armor dragged to slot
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Hunter can run away from Player forever
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player’s attack during jump is corrupted
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Leeches can be taken off after hiding Armor
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player’s leg protrudes from armor
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Inspection icon is not highlighted in right-side menu
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Cannot shoot Bow when regaining stamina
V.0.4.3 Fixed – Player is not able to unlock stuff in Notepad on some saves from previous patches
V.0.4.3 Fixed - Issue regarding Tribes spawning was found and fixed
V.0.4.2 Fixed – No information in Notebook about fire attracting tribes
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Leaf Armor and Bone Armor have black squares on their models
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Hunter's bow is shaking on his back
V.0.4.2 Fixed – No cancel tooltip on Bows and Spears
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Armadillo’s bleeding to death is too long
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Bow Trap and Spike Trap can be placed underwater
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Tribeman attack sound is played before the actual attack if he needs to change position
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Animals caught by Stone Trap and Killer Trap make panic sounds
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Mighty Camp Challenge crashing when tribe destroys built weapon rack
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Tribal Arrows don't cause bleeding
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Tribal Arrows don't leave a trail when shot from Bow or Bow Trap
V.0.4.2 Fixed – It is hard to place tribe bow trap on slope
V.0.4.2 Fixed – Problems with taking off Armor on loaded saves
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Tribes visit our camp too often.
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Spearman taunts too rarely.
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Armadillo Shell in backpack is smaller than the shell on actual animal.
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Beds’ sleep triggers are not visible under shelters.
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Spearman’s attacks cannot be dodged to the side.
V.0.4.1 Fixed – Axe blocking is too slow.
V.0.4.0 New Human AI – Spearman.
V.0.4.0 New Traps against Tribal Warriors.
V.0.4.0 New Armor System.
V.0.4.0 New Challenge – Radio.
V.0.4.0 New AI Behaviors – Patrols and destroying construction.
V.0.4.0 New Tribal paintings and haircuts.
V.0.4.0 New Weapons - Tribal Spear and Tribal Bow.
V.0.4.0 Steam Cloud - Save and language integration.
V.0.4.0 Damage now depends on hit body parts.
V.0.4.0 Changed name of Bonfire to Campfire in Campfire Challenge.
V.0.4.0 Modified model of Small Leaf Pile.
V.0.4.0 Added Bamboo Spear and Hand Drill Board to Notebook.
V.0.4.0 Dots on wounds now appear when picking up wound treatments from Backpack.
V.0.4.0 Language can be change only via Steam settings.
V.0.4.0 Consumption Infolog now contains sanity reduction.
V.0.4.0 Tribe camps spawn more Warahas.
V.0.4.0 Hunters avoid attacking other tribe members.
V.0.4.0 Birds killing is now easier.
V.0.4.0 Improved spear holding.
V.0.4.0 Attacking after block is more responsive.
V.0.4.0 Sleep and Inspection are now unavailable when the character is in the air.
V.0.4.0 Watch cannot be used during inspection.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Tutorial save names.
V.0.4.0 Fixed leeches having collision with some weapons.
V.0.4.0 Fixed minor translation issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed placement of liquid slots in Water Containers.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Notebook skills descriptions.
V.0.4.0 Fixed empty places in Notebook.
V.0.4.0 Fixed collision issues with Bonfire.
V.0.4.0 Fixed issue with loading not fully built ghosts.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Spearfishing issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Tribe spawn points.
V.0.4.0 Fixed AI’s collisions.
V.0.4.0 Fixed several Arrows and Bow issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed placing two Stone Rings with Small Fire.
V.0.4.0 Fixed possibility of deconstructing the Raft in Challenge.
V.0.4.0 Fixed expand menu options for several items.
V.0.4.0 Fixed several issues with slots in Traps.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Maggots spawners.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Spiders spoiling.
V.0.4.0 Fixed sanity reduction during Worm removal.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Wasp attack animation issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Wasp attack exploits.
V.0.4.0 Fixed hands animation during block.
V.0.4.0 Fixed weight of items on crafting table.
V.0.4.0 Fixed audio during Tribe Bow shooting.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Spears blinking issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed several Hunter’s Bow issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed aiming reticle during jump.
V.0.4.0 Fixed sleep effects transition issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed several soup issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed cancelling ghost during changing weapons.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Leaf Bed collision issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed shoot during sprint issue with Bow.
V.0.4.0 Fixed durability loss during block.
V.0.4.0 Fixed weapon drops during usage of Weapon Rack.
V.0.4.0 Fixed fish in trap disappearing issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed coconut as a bidon issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed position of Spear after taking it from dead animal.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Bow damage.
V.0.4.0 Fixed skill raise on every Axe type.
V.0.4.0 Fixed levitating Arrow issues.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Banana tree destruction.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Cooked Maggots inventory issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Small Fire cooking slot issue.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Big Stone disappearing from hands.
V.0.4.0 Fixed ability to take Pots and Bowl with unsafe water to Backpack.
V.0.4.0 Fixed splash sound and animation being played when underwater item was highlighted.
V.0.4.0 Fixed harvest icon underwater display.
V.0.4.0 Fixed pre-built constructions ghosts collision.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Bowl and Soup icons visibility.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Fire Tool Backpack position after opening Backpack during Fire starting.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Player resurfacing after picking up an underwater item.
V.0.4.0 Fixed disappearing Bamboo Bridge ghost after Tutorial.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Backpack’s tabs mix after picking up heavy object.
V.0.4.0 Fixed hitting ground sound after harvest.
V.0.4.0 Fixed fire issue with Torch.
V.0.4.0 Fixed leveling up Archery exploit.
V.0.4.0 Fixed attack during ghost placing.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Mighty Camp Challenge destroying constructions.
V.0.4.0 Fixed hints for Fishing Rod.
V.0.4.0 Fixed weapons no losing durability after throw.
V.0.4.0 Fixed no stamina loss during attack from above.
V.0.4.0 Fixed Arrow size and position.
V.0.3.6 Fixed – Bowl icon stuck in the middle of the screen.
V.0.3.5 River shores properly adjusted to spear fishing.
V.0.3.5 Some parts of rivers were adjusted to allow safe crossing.
V.0.3.5 Brazilian Nut's decay countdown now starts when placed in backpack.
V.0.3.5 Campfire's ghost no longer snaps to Stone Ring.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Fish killed by bow, triggered blood splash in backpack.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Fishing Rods did not lose durability during usage.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Fishing Rod's hook/bait slot appeared too late.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Fishing Rod that can be found on the map was not affected by gravity.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Body inspection didn’t work properly, when casting Fishing Rod.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Backpack was unusable during body inspection while holding a Fishing Rod.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Fish-bone was hidden under crafting stone while making hook.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Player was able to go through Caiman freely.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Crabs were moving a bit too fast.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Items disappeared from inventory when closing backpack.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Unlocking Campfire in Notebook.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - When Campfire burned out stones disappeared.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Soup/water was not boiling when placed on Stone Ring before igniting fire.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Item stack position was wrong way after rotating item (“the arrows problem”).
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Swimming had no effect on the burning kindling.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - FPS dropped significantly when looking in certain direction.
V.0.3.5 Fixed - Many crashes.
V.0.3.4 Prawn Trap Unlock - now it should correctly appear in notebook.
V.0.3.3 Fixed - Position of bridge leading to new area.
V.0.3.2 Fixed - Fixed - Invert look didn’t work when swimming & diving.
V.0.3.2 Fixed - Changes in key bindings didn’t affect swimming & diving.
V.0.3.2 Fixed - Missing buildings and items on “anaconda island” for old saves (before v0.3.0)
V.0.3.2 Fixed - Duplicated bridge ghost after loading the game.
V.0.3.1 Brazilian Nut spawn rate increased, allowing easier access to fishing rods.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Stingrays were absent in shallow rivers.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Disappearing river in left top corner.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Missing fishing skill in notebook.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Fishing Rod's rope has wrong positioning if player press F while casting.
V.0.3.1 Fixed - Tutorial rope cutscene.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Angelfish.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Discus fish.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Black caiman.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Mystery snail.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Prawn.
V.0.3.0 New Animal - Red crab.
V.0.3.0 New Map Area.
V.0.3.0 New feature - Swimming & Diving.
V.0.3.0 New feature - Fishing & Fishing Rods.
V.0.3.0 New loading screens.
V.0.3.0 Death Reason added to death screen.
V.0.3.0 New Fish Trap.
V.0.3.0 New Prawn Trap.
V.0.3.0 New Fishing Rod Trap.
V.0.3.0 New Challenge Fisherman.
V.0.3.0 Rebalanced difficulty levels.

A Walk In The Park (Peaceful mode)
Welcome To The Jungle (Balanced normal mode)
Green Hell (Survival experts hard mode)

V.0.3.0 Passing out while in water cause drowning.
V.0.3.0 Cosmetic changes in player animation.
V.0.3.0 Fish behavior improved.
V.0.3.0 Stingray does deal damage and apply poison when stepped on.
V.0.3.0 Difficulty description added.
V.0.3.0 Rash now blocks healing.
V.0.3.0 Rash now last longer.
V.0.3.0 Standing in anthill or nest will kill the player now.
V.0.3.0 Fish have been re-distributed in water sources.
V.0.3.0 Water sources has been adjusted to swimming.
V.0.3.0 New Creepy Jar Member added to game credits.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Crafted arrows was disappearing if not touched.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes game blocks spawning some of items and plants.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - It is not possible to kill fishes by using melee weapons.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Fish acting as alive when taken from spear by mouse.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Ghost double up when Player save game during construction and load it.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Missing working water in some ponds.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Player is able to put ember on crafting table.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Improper low stamina animation when jumping with bow without arrow.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Hut Shelter setting up.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Weight of pod and shell fixed.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Last two leaves in Palm Roof are very hard to place.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Instead of dying from infection Player become blocked.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Time is not speeded up when Player is holding any kind of weapon/tool while sleeping.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Player is not able to recover if he passed out next to anthill with low health.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Missing FX when drinking water from pond.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Sometimes sound of harvesting animal isn't played.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - missing ambient sounds in some places on map.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Jumping in water sound.
V.0.3.0 Fixed -Missing info about parasites stacks.
V.0.3.0 Fixed -Eaten info log overlaps.
V.0.3.0 Fixed -Missing icon when picking up fish from the trap.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Random save slot instead chosen one is overwritten upon creating new game.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Player may get stuck on sleep screen after loading a save if he died while sleeping.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - If Player dies in survival game and chooses game saved on Day 1 of tutorial he spawns in after-tutorial game with crate in hands.
V.0.3.0 Few graphic improvements.
V.0.3.0 Many performance fixes.
V.0.2.3 Fixed wrong position of items in backpack after loaded game.
V.0.2.3 Dryer should now work correctly under roofs.
V.0.2.3 Molineria plant spawn rate adjusted (increased).
V.0.2.2 Fixed problem with tribes noticing and attacking player from way too long distance.
V.0.2.2 Hunter fight behavior fixed.
V.0.2.2 Tribes - no audio problem fixed.
V.0.2.1 New Sickness - Insomnia.
V.0.2.1 Wet and Dry seasons added.
V.0.2.1 Notepad - Added indicators reminding of new entries.
V.0.2.1 Backpack - Added additional slot for blades.
V.0.2.1 Rain - different sound when player is in shelter.
V.0.2.1 Sleeping progress starts after fade out.
V.0.2.1 Mixed multiple sounds of cut leaves touching ground.
V.0.2.1 Information about how many items needs to be placed in ghost.
V.0.2.1 Changed VO when insects bite player.
V.0.2.1 Louder vomiting sound.
V.0.2.1 Load game no longer is present in challenge mode.
V.0.2.1 Cooking slots - adjusted position of larger items.
V.0.2.1 Torches now deal damage to AI.
V.0.2.1 Fog now affects animal's fur.
V.0.2.1 Hitting hidden turtle now keep him scared.
V.0.2.1 Multiple roofs now can’t be placed on each other.
V.0.2.1 Disappearing spear while exhausted - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Player can’t catch worm while sleeping on Log and Bamboo Log Bed.
V.0.2.1 Processed Meat can be eaten after decay time as fresh if eaten directly from construction - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Harvested Stone does not make FX when thrown to water - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Player had difficulties with walking under frame buildings during constructing - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Ropes in frame ghosts are too hard to insert - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Info about built construction overflows from the screen - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Palm roof on Bamboo Frame remains after destroying Frame - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Near-death state grunts are present in a new game - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Click on Resume in pause menu cause the Bow to shoot - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Cut plants are respawning when the scene is reloaded -fixed.
V.0.2.1 Smoker cannot be placed under the Building Frame - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Weapon Rack can’t be destroyed - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Construction no longer can be destroyed via shooting from Bow at it.
V.0.2.1 Broken cooking slots fixed.
V.0.2.1 Info log now show proper information after drinking infusions.
V.0.2.1 Fish on spear no longer can be destroyed.
V.0.2.1 Missing info about parasites stacks - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Sounds of falling body during pass out - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Game crashes when pressed [G] while holding heavy object - fixed.
V.0.2.1 UI fixes.
V.0.2.1 Tons of arrows killing performance - fixed.
V.0.2.1 Animal animations fixed.
V.0.2.1 Localization fixes.
V.0.2.1 Save game fixes.
V.0.2.1 Number of crashes fixed.
V.0.2.1 A lot of optimizations fixes.
V.0.2.0 New plants -Added.
V.0.2.0 New challenge - Hunter (Hunt down listed animals) -Added.
V.0.2.0 New constructions - Stands (Wood storage) -Added.
V.0.2.0 Armadillo -Added.
V.0.2.0 Armadillo three banded -Added.
V.0.2.0 Bats -Added.
V.0.2.0 Brazilian Wandering Spider -Added.
V.0.2.0 Caiman Lizard -Added.
V.0.2.0 Puma -Added.
V.0.2.0 Toucan -Added.
V.0.2.0 Red Footed Tortoise -Added.
V.0.2.0 Constructions can be destroyed by player.
V.0.2.0 Fire can be extinguished by spilling water on it.
V.0.2.0 Scorpion no longer can be harvested, body can be cooked.
V.0.2.0 Pass out, now correctly work as sleeping on the ground.
V.0.2.0 Venom poison time indicator added on HUD.
V.0.2.0 New Voice Over when starting fire.
V.0.2.0 Harvesting animals now requires blade.
V.0.2.0 Kindling now can be used in fire tool via expand menu.
V.0.2.0 Improved sounds of animals.
V.0.2.0 Getting injury removes leeches.
V.0.2.0 Different sounds for flies for carcass and wasp.
V.0.2.0 Weight of various items - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Player stuck when crafting during starting fire - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Some constructions on map not blocking rain - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Water sources player was unable to drink from - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 After harvesting player crouching - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Some dressing wasn’t working on wounds - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Issues with loading saved games - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Dialogs position on wide screen - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Backpack blinking while watch is active - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 AI spawn - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Items position in hand corrected.
V.0.2.0 Fixed collisions with number of objects.
V.0.2.0 Road visuals - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 After reading a note in Tent text shows when pressing [R] anywhere in game - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Getting worms when sleeping on hammock - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Missing panic sound when animal is in snare trap - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Small fire snap to stone ring which is under construction - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 StoneRing does not increase the length of burning of Small Fire - fix.
V.0.2.0 Fixed few items position in backpack.
V.0.2.0 After respawning Player seems to find less items - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Multiple construction ghosts can be placed on top of each other - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Starting fire cancel by pressing [Q] just before the end block animation.
V.0.2.0 Items targeting under constructions - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Fixed some sounds not reacting on options sliders.
V.0.2.0 LOD ranges fixed for number of models.
V.0.2.0 Drop option added for fire in hands.
V.0.2.0 Throwing up animation doesn't work when backpack is opened - Fixed.
V.0.2.0 Performance fixes.
V.0.2.0 Localization fixes.
V.0.2.0 Number of crash fixed.
V.0.2.0 Crash on exit game - Fixed.
V.0.1.5 New option in expand menu "Destroy" (permanently destroying objects).
V.0.1.5 Sanity loss - Fixed.
V.0.1.5 Fire no longer should extinguish when moving away.
V.0.1.4 Fixed Backpack issue with widescreen (21:10,21:9)
V.0.1.4 Added new languages. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech and Swedish.
V.0.1.3 Wide screen support for (21:10,21:9).
V.0.1.3 Key bindings - Added.
V.0.1.3 Blocked places that players allows to leave the map.
V.0.1.3 Expand Menu systematized (always same order).
V.0.1.3 Improved hit reactions.
V.0.1.3 Improved visuals of leeches.
V.0.1.3 Hint reminding why firestarting failed.
V.0.1.3 Speed of sanity drops now depends on difficulty.
V.0.1.3 Player now starts with full stats on survival mode.
V.0.1.3 Low nutritions no longer block healing process and drain condition.
V.0.1.3 Worms, leeches and rash no longer block healing process.
V.0.1.3 Decreased palm leaf numbers in raffia tree, it's easier to pick up dry leafs now.
V.0.1.3 Food processors should work properly when you walk away.
V.0.1.3 Fire should work properly when you walk away.
V.0.1.3 Pink material of some soups - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Decay timer no longer resets after loading game.
V.0.1.3 Cooking timer no longer resets after loading game.
V.0.1.3 Sometime when sleeping time wasn't moving - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Fire snapping to stone ring - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Small fire should work under rack/smoker - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Animation bugs, when attacked by insects - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Blocking with spear animation - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Egg spoiling time - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 No more stick blades in the air after loading the game.
V.0.1.3 Rains stopped after new year - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Bugs with cooking slots - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Animation blocks in case when you get hit while crafting.
V.0.1.3 Carrying Log position - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Weapon disappearing when getting hit - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Weapon icon not disappearing when weapon is destroyed - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Items dropping on the ground when crafting - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Lack of collision with metal grill - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Fx position on bamboo filter - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Bamboo bridge collisions - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Feather material - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Small localisation bugs - Fixed.
V.0.1.3 Maggots in soups no longer drop under terrain.
V.0.1.3 Heavy objects disappearing when crafting - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Missing food poison tooltips - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Spear block when fishing - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Jaguar animations - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Small UI fixes.
V.0.1.3 Coconut bidon size - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Sounds in case when you come back to main menu with low sanity.
V.0.1.3 Peacock bass position in backpack - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Smaller UI adjustments - fixed.
V.0.1.3 Other smaller bugs - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Crash after loading game with meat on smoker - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Game save - difficulty change itself - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Added options to invert mouse Y.
V.0.1.2 Added mouse sensitivity options.
V.0.1.2 Infinite wormhole healing time - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Missing maggots on wound after loading game - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Night time increased, time no longer speeds up.
V.0.1.2 Leeches now occur less frequently but in larger numbers.
V.0.1.2 Leeches sanity numbers reworked, giving player time to act.
V.0.1.2 Message when drinking from coconut bowl - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Squares in backpack display - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Drinking from empty bowl - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Invisible larvas on tree stump - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Invisible eggs - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Bird nest on tree - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Jeep model - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Disappearing Fruits - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Outline on dry leaves - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Bamboo long stick can now be chopped into bamboo sticks.
V.0.1.2 Charcoal weight - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Quassia amara infusion now heals fever properly.
V.0.1.2 Fish no longer should disappear when backpack is full.
V.0.1.2 Some of the items spawning in the air - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Added new animation when player is out of stamina in combat.
V.0.1.2 Heavy objects are now dropped without delay.
V.0.1.2 Blocking in starting fire animation - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Now you cannot throw without stamina.
V.0.1.2 Hallucination could take more than 1 hit - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Picking up items with bow in hand - fixed.
V.0.1.2 AI are now easier to hit through plants.
V.0.1.2 Thrown weapons shouldn’t fly into space now.
V.0.1.2 After killing “hallucination” with arrow it no longer remains in the air.
V.0.1.2 Item dropping on the ground when crafting- fixed.
V.0.1.2 Missing (words) font in Chinese language - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Text wrapping in Chinese language - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Small fixes in many languages.
V.0.1.2 New audio options.
V.0.1.2 Default game volume is now quieter.
V.0.1.2 Sound sliders now set proper volume.
V.0.1.2 Sounds that wasn't affected by sound volume - fixed.
V.0.1.2 Parrots sounds are less aggressive.
V.0.1.2 Many bugs with options volume.
V.0.1.2 Black screen instead of loading screen - fixed.
V.0.1.2 AI Attacks restored on hard difficulty.
V.0.1.2 Less hallucination attacks on low sanity.
V.0.1.2 Hallucination attacks now occurs on lower sanity level.
V.0.1.2 Main menu buttons fixes.
V.0.1.2 Game version added in main menu.
V.0.1.2 Added new language. Polish
V.0.1 Notebook text scale issue should be fixed.
V.0.1 Sanity notifications are now displayed along with cause of loss.
V.0.1 Worm under skin texture reworked, so it’s easier to spot.
V.0.1 Random Tribe attacks are temporary disabled, as their where ruining the experience for many. They will be reworked in future updates. (Hallucinations will still occurs).
V.0.1 When trying to load a game, popup text said that you are overwriting existing save fixed.
V.0.1 Fixing missing letters in French,Italian,Spanish.
V.0.1 Added new languages. Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, & Russian.