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Spirits of Amazonia

Spirits of Amazonia is a game mode in Green Hell, which is available in both the single player and multiplayer menus.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The spirits of Amazonia game mode is the prequel leading up to the events in main story. It is recommend for players who have already finished story mode.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Trust Page in Notebook

After the opening scene the player will be prompted two tasks, to find the boat and the masked elder tribe. The player can view these in the first tab of the notebook and complete these in any order. Upon finding and speaking to masked elder tribesman, the player will need to gain the trust of the Mu'agi Tribe. This will consist of the player completing quests for the tribe. Each quest completed will issue the player trust points.

Trust points earned can be viewed in the third tab of the player notebook. Here the player can see the quests they need to complete and the overall total of trust points they have gained. Trust points can be gained before talking to the elder, however the player will not be able to view the trust page until they have found and spoken to the Mu'agi masked elder.

Mu'agi Elder Quests[edit | edit source]

Below is the list of quests given to the player by the masked elder. These do not have a time limit and can be completed in any order.

Rescue Tribal Members[edit | edit source]

Task: Find and rescue tribes from the village
The player will need to find and rescue or help Mu'agi tribal members who have fallen victim to the Waraha Tribe. This quest will require the player to complete several tasks.
For a more in depth guide on these task see the links below;

Free The Spirits[edit | edit source]

Task: Free the spirits of the killed tribe members with burning pyres
The player will need to locate and lay to rest Mu'agi tribal members who have been killed by the Waraha Tribe. This will involve making and burning the body on a prye.
For a more in depth guide on this quest see Freeing The Spirits ( = 20 Points earned).

Learn the Legends[edit | edit source]

Task: Learn the legends painted on the rocks and solve their stories
There are four legends to solve, these can be viewed in the second tab of the notebook. Upon finding and reading a Tribal Legend Stone, it will unlock the clue under it's relevant legend page. Once all clues have been found the player will be required to solve the individual legend, this will involve completing a task. After the legend task has been finished, they player will need to speak to the Mu'agi Elder to finalize the quest.

Destroy Waraha Camps[edit | edit source]

Task: Destroy Waraha camps
In this quest the player will need to find all the settlements of the Waraha Tribe. In each camp the player will find natives which they will need to combat. Once the natives have been dealt with, the player can then proceed to the destroying the camp. This will involve knocking down all tribal buildings and tribal totems. Please note you don't need to destroy any pre-existing structures such as the weapons rack.

  • Big camps = 40 points earned
  • Small camps = 5 points earned

For a more in-depth guide see Destroying Waraha Camps.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.2.0.1 New Mode - The Spirits of Amazonia.