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Removing the stump will
stop tree regrowth

The Trees are plants which was added in V.0.1 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[]

Generic trees come in a variety of sizes and yield essentials resources need for building and crafting. Only medium sized trees and smaller can be cut down. Since the Regrowing Trees Update: V.1.9.1, trunks can now be cut and will give you some additional resources. However, trees will only regrow back if the trunk has not been removed. Alongside this update is the random sprouting of tree saplings that when unremoved, could grow into the bigger ones with better yields.

Below is a list of generic trees. For other species of trees and plants see Flora.

Very Small Tree.jpg Sapling can be cut down for;
  • 1 stick
Small Tree.jpg Very small tree can be cut down for;
  • 1 stick
Tree -small.jpg

Small tree can be cut down for;

Tree -medium.jpg

Medium sized tree, slim trunk
Comes in both plain bark and ivy covered.

Tree -large.jpg

Large tree with wide trunk, can not be cut down.
Comes in both plain bark and ivy covered.

Plant Cultivation[]

The player can grow the small tree by placing a Brazil nut in the large planting box. Once the tree has grown and fully matured it can be cut down for long sticks.


Update History[]

Version Changes
V.1.9.1 Trees now regrow unless the trunk is destroyed(works on both - new and old saves).
V.1.0 Change – Tree falling direction added.
V.0.5.1 Fixed – Game crashed upon cutting the tree that has been cut from the start.

More precise tree collision.
Fixed - Construction Ghost could be placed inside cuttable trees.

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