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V.0.1.2 was an update released September 07th, 2018.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]

V.0.1.2 Changelog

  • Crash after loading game with meat on smoker - fixed.
  • Game save - difficulty change itself - fixed.
  • Added options to invert mouse Y.
  • Added mouse sensitivity options.
  • Infinite wormhole healing time - fixed.
  • Missing maggots on wound after loading game - fixed.
  • Night time increased, time no longer speeds up.
  • Leeches now occur less frequently but in larger numbers.
  • Leeches sanity numbers reworked, giving player time to act.
  • Message when drinking from coconut bowl - fixed.
  • Squares in backpack display - fixed.
  • Drinking from empty bowl - fixed.
  • Invisible larvas on tree stump - fixed.
  • Invisible eggs - fixed.
  • Bird nest on tree - fixed.
  • Jeep model - fixed.
  • Disappearing Fruits - fixed.
  • Outline on dry leaves - fixed.
  • Bamboo long stick can now be chopped into bamboo sticks.
  • Charcoal weight - fixed.
  • Quassia amara infusion now heals fever properly.
  • Fish no longer should disappear when backpack is full.
  • Some of the items spawning in the air - fixed.
  • Added new animation when player is out of stamina in combat.
  • Heavy objects are now dropped without delay.
  • Blocking in starting fire animation - fixed.
  • Now you cannot throw without stamina.
  • Hallucination could take more than 1 hit - fixed.
  • Picking up items with bow in hand - fixed.
  • AI are now easier to hit through plants.
  • Thrown weapons shouldn’t fly into space now.
  • After killing “hallucination” with arrow it no longer remains in the air.
  • Item dropping on the ground when crafting- fixed.
  • Missing (words) font in Chinese language - fixed.
  • Text wrapping in Chinese language - fixed.
  • Small fixes in many languages.
  • New audio options.
  • Default game volume is now quieter.
  • Sound sliders now set proper volume.
  • Sounds that wasn't affected by sound volume - fixed.
  • Parrots sounds are less aggressive.
  • Many bugs with options volume.
  • Black screen instead of loading screen - fixed.
  • AI Attacks restored on hard difficulty.
  • Less hallucination attacks on low sanity.
  • Hallucination attacks now occurs on lower sanity level.
  • Main menu buttons fixes.
  • Game version added in main menu.

Added new languages:

  • Polish
Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.