Green Hell Wiki

V.0.3.0 was an update released December 6th, 2018.

This Second major content patch introduces many new creatures to the rainforest, new map area, new survival features and much more!

Developer comments: As it’s our 2nd big update we would like to thank you all for your support, bug reports and feedbacks. We will now spend more time on steam forum to focus on fixing ongoing issues before we head on to the next big update. Enjoy, the Water Update and see you in Green Hell. 


New Animals:

  • Angelfish
  • Discus fish
  • Black caiman
  • Mystery snail
  • Prawn
  • Red crab

New Features:

  • New Map Area
  • Swimming & Diving
  • Fishing & Fishing Rods
  • New loading screens
  • Death Reason added to death screen
  • New Fish Trap
  • New Prawn Trap
  • New Fishing Rod Trap
  • New Challenge Fisherman

Rebalanced difficulty levels:

A Walk In The Park
Peaceful mode with no hostile attacks. You can still walk into danger by yourself. Recommended for players who want to focus on building and exploring.

Welcome To The Jungle
Balanced survival experience. Recommended for all players.

Green Hell
Enemies are more hostile, sanity penalties are increased. Recommended for survival experts.


  • Passing out while in water cause drowning
  • Cosmetic changes in player animation
  • Fish behavior improved
  • Stingray does deal damage and apply poison when stepped on
  • Difficulty description added
  • Rash now blocks healing
  • Rash now last longer
  • Standing in anthill or nest will kill the player now
  • Fish have been re-distributed in water sources
  • Water sources has been adjusted to swimming
  • New Creepy Jar Member added to game credits :)


  • Fixed - Crafted arrows was disappearing if not touched
  • Fixed - Sometimes game blocks spawning some of items and plants
  • Fixed - It is not possible to kill fishes by using melee weapons
  • Fixed - Fish acting as alive when taken from spear by mouse
  • Fixed - Ghost double up when Player save game during construction and load it
  • Fixed - Missing working water in some ponds
  • Fixed - Player is able to put ember on crafting table
  • Fixed - Improper low stamina animation when jumping with bow without arrow
  • Fixed - Hut Shelter setting up
  • Fixed - Weight of pod and shell fixed
  • Fixed - Last two leaves in Palm Roof are very hard to place
  • Fixed - Instead of dying from infection Player become blocked
  • Fixed - Time is not speeded up when Player is holding any kind of weapon/tool while sleeping
  • Fixed - Player is not able to recover if he passed out next to anthill with low health
  • Fixed - Missing FX when drinking water from pond
  • Fixed - Sometimes sound of harvesting animal isn't played
  • Fixed - missing ambient sounds in some places on map
  • Fixed - Jumping in water sound
  • Fixed -Missing info about parasites stacks
  • Fixed -Eaten infolog overlaps
  • Fixed -Missing icon when picking up fish from the trap
  • Fixed - Random save slot instead chosen one is overwritten upon creating new game
  • Fixed - Player may get stuck on sleep screen after loading a save if he died while sleeping
  • Fixed - If Player dies in survival game and chooses game saved on Day 1 of tutorial he spawns in after-tutorial game with crate in hands
  • Few graphic improvements
  • Many performance fixes

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.