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V.0.3.5 was an hotfix released December 20th, 2018.


  • River shores properly adjusted to spear fishing
  • Some parts of rivers were adjusted to allow safe crossing
  • Brazilian Nut's decay countdown now starts when placed in backpack
  • Campfire's ghost no longer snaps to Stone Ring
  • Fixed - Fish killed by bow, triggered blood splash in backpack
  • Fixed - Fishing Rods did not lose durability during usage
  • Fixed - Fishing Rod's hook/bait slot appeared too late
  • Fixed - Fishing Rod that can be found on the map was not affected by gravity
  • Fixed - Body inspection didn’t work properly, when casting Fishing Rod
  • Fixed - Backpack was unusable during body inspection while holding a Fishing Rod
  • Fixed - Fish-bone was hidden under crafting stone while making hook
  • Fixed - Player was able to go through Caiman freely
  • Fixed - Crabs were moving a bit too fast
  • Fixed - Items disappeared from inventory when closing backpack
  • Fixed - Unlocking Campfire in Notebook
  • Fixed - When Campfire burned out stones disappeared
  • Fixed - Soup/water was not boiling when placed on Stone Ring before igniting fire
  • Fixed - Item stack position was wrong way after rotating item (“the arrows problem”)
  • Fixed - Swimming had no effect on the burning kindling
  • Fixed - FPS dropped significantly when looking in certain direction
  • Fixed - Many crashes

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.3.1 which was released on August 8, 2022.