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V.0.4.0 was an update released February 6th, 2019.

The Combat Update is the third major content update to Green Hell it introduces a new human enemy, new AI behaviors, new armor system and human traps. Steam Cloud integration, plus more...


  • New Human AI – Spearman.
  • New Traps against Tribal Warriors
  • New Armor System
  • New Challenge – Radio.
  • New AI Behaviors – Patrols and destroying construction.
  • New Tribal paintings and haircuts.
  • New Weapons - Tribal Spear and Tribal Bow.
  • Steam Cloud - Save and language integration.


  • Damage now depends on hit body parts.
  • Changed name of Bonfire to Campfire in Campfire Challenge.
  • Modified model of Small Leaf Pile.
  • Added Bamboo Spear and Hand Drill Board to Notebook.
  • Dots on wounds now appear when picking up wound treatments from Backpack.
  • Language can be change only via Steam settings.
  • Consumption Infolog now contains sanity reduction.
  • Tribe camps spawn more Warahas.
  • Hunters avoid attacking other tribe members.
  • Birds killing is now easier.
  • Improved spear holding.
  • Attacking after block is more responsive.
  • Sleep and Inspection are now unavailable when the character is in the air.
  • Watch cannot be used during inspection.


  • Fixed Tutorial save names.
  • Fixed leeches having collision with some weapons.
  • Fixed minor translation issues.
  • Fixed placement of liquid slots in Water Containers.
  • Fixed Notebook skills descriptions.
  • Fixed empty places in Notebook.
  • Fixed collision issues with Bonfire.
  • Fixed issue with loading not fully built ghosts.
  • Fixed Spearfishing issues.
  • Fixed Tribe spawn points.
  • Fixed AI’s collisions.
  • Fixed several Arrows and Bow issues.
  • Fixed placing two Stone Rings with Small Fire.
  • Fixed possibility of deconstructing the Raft in Challenge.
  • Fixed expand menu options for several items.
  • Fixed several issues with slots in Traps.
  • Fixed Maggots spawners.
  • Fixed Spiders spoiling.
  • Fixed sanity reduction during Worm removal.
  • Fixed Wasp attack animation issues.
  • Fixed Wasp attack exploits.
  • Fixed hands animation during block.
  • Fixed weight of items on crafting table.
  • Fixed audio during Tribe Bow shooting.
  • Fixed Spears blinking issue.
  • Fixed several Hunter’s Bow issues.
  • Fixed aiming reticle during jump.
  • Fixed sleep effects transition issue.
  • Fixed several soup issues.
  • Fixed cancelling ghost during changing weapons.
  • Fixed Leaf Bed collision issue.
  • Fixed shoot during sprint issue with Bow.
  • Fixed durability loss during block.
  • Fixed weapon drops during usage of Weapon Rack.
  • Fixed fish in trap disappearing issues.
  • Fixed coconut as a bidon issue.
  • Fixed position of Spear after taking it from dead animal.
  • Fixed Bow damage.
  • Fixed skill raise on every Axe type.
  • Fixed levitating Arrow issues.
  • Fixed Banana tree destruction.
  • Fixed Cooked Maggots inventory issue.
  • Fixed Small Fire cooking slot issue.
  • Fixed Big Stone disappearing from hands.
  • Fixed ability to take Pots and Bowl with unsafe water to Backpack.
  • Fixed splash sound and animation being played when underwater item was highlighted.
  • Fixed harvest icon underwater display.
  • Fixed pre-built constructions ghosts collision.
  • Fixed Bowl and Soup icons visibility.
  • Fixed Fire Tool Backpack position after opening Backpack during Fire starting.
  • Fixed Player resurfacing after picking up an underwater item.
  • Fixed disappearing Bamboo Bridge ghost after Tutorial.
  • Fixed Backpack’s tabs mix after picking up heavy object.
  • Fixed hitting ground sound after harvest.
  • Fixed fire issue with Torch.
  • Fixed leveling up Archery exploit.
  • Fixed attack during ghost placing.
  • Fixed Mighty Camp Challenge destroying constructions.
  • Fixed hints for Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed weapons no losing durability after throw.
  • Fixed no stamina loss during attack from above.
  • Fixed Arrow size and position.
Full Release
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The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.