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V.0.4.2 was a hotfix released February 8th, 2019.


  • Fixed – No information in Notebook about fire attracting tribes
  • Fixed – Leaf Armor and Bone Armor have black squares on their models
  • Fixed – Hunter's bow is shaking on his back
  • Fixed – No cancel tooltip on Bows and Spears
  • Fixed – Armadillo’s bleeding to death is too long
  • Fixed – Bow Trap and Spike Trap can be placed underwater
  • Fixed – Tribeman attack sound is played before the actual attack if he needs to change position
  • Fixed – Animals caught by Stone Trap and Killer Trap make panic sounds
  • Fixed – Mighty Camp Challenge crashing when tribe destroys built weapon rack
  • Fixed – Tribal Arrows don't cause bleeding
  • Fixed – Tribal Arrows don't leave a trail when shot from Bow or Bow Trap
  • Fixed – It is hard to place tribe bow trap on slope
  • Fixed – Problems with taking off Armor on loaded saves
Full Release
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The current version is V.2.3.1 which was released on August 8, 2022.