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V.0.4.3 was a hotfix released February 18th, 2019.


  • Fixed – Items can be placed in wrong Backpack’s tabs
  • Fixed – Animals from destroyed traps behave as if they are still caught in the trap
  • Fixed – Spearman does not appear when Player’s sanity is low
  • Fixed – Insomnia appearing in infolog instead of Worm when removing Worm
  • Fixed – Stone thrown by Tribe can hit other Tribesmen
  • Fixed – Arrow that deals final blow cannot be taken from AI's body without harvesting
  • Fixed – Player cannot fist-fight when receiving damage
  • Fixed – Bow Trap is triggered by small AI's
  • Fixed – One Arrow is dropped on the ground when save with Bow and Arrow is loaded
  • Fixed – Beehives are not vulnerable to spears
  • Fixed – Armor picked up from limb, changes position for second if not picked directly from slot
  • Fixed – Spear aim animation is glitchy when Player runs out of stamina
  • Fixed – Finding Cage Trap near island does not grant entry in the Notebook
  • Fixed – Fish impaled on Spear without throw has improper position in Backpack
  • Fixed – Bait slot in Fishing Rod Trap is visible only from one side
  • Fixed – Tribes can destroy human traps
  • Fixed – Player can block incoming projectiles with Armor during Inspection
  • Fixed – Tirbes cause fps drop
  • Fixed – Armor hit sound is played on Ants/Bees attack and fall damage
  • Fixed – Tribes do not react on headshot of their partners
  • Fixed – Player is not able to shoot arrows/ change bow to any other tool
  • Fixed – Broken Armor removal is awkward
  • Fixed – Leeches can fall off from players hand after placing an armor
  • Fixed – Human AI footstep sounds are too quiet
  • Fixed – Bandages are clipping through Armor dragged to slot
  • Fixed – Hunter can run away from Player forever
  • Fixed – Player’s attack during jump is corrupted
  • Fixed – Leeches can be taken off after hiding Armor
  • Fixed – Player’s leg protrudes from armor
  • Fixed – Inspection icon is not highlighted in right-side menu
  • Fixed – Cannot shoot Bow when regaining stamina
  • Fixed – Player is not able to unlock stuff in Notepad on some saves from previous patches

One more issue regarding Tribes spawning was found and fixed. From now on we will be focusing on the next big update! Thank you for your support.

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The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.