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V.0.5.0 was an update released April 1st, 2019.

The Mud Building Update is the fourth major content update to Green Hell. It introduces a dirtiness system, new resources, items, crafting plus more...


  • New dirtiness system - getting dirty and cleaning up
  • New building resource - Mud
  • New craft resource - Iron
  • New construction - Mud Charcoal Furnace, Forge
  • New item - Metal Armor
  • New iron weapons ( Blade, Axe, Spear, Pickaxe, Arrow)
  • New construction - Storage
  • New modular buildings - (Mud Wall, Mud Window Wall, Mud Fireplace Wall, Mud Shed Wall, Mud Roof)
  • New construction - Mud Water Filter/Collector
  • New construction - Shower
  • New language - Hungarian
  • New Notebook bookmark - Mud
  • New construction - Mud Mixer
  • New challenge - Blacksmith


  • New Balance
  • New model - opened Small and Big Cans
  • New Peccary sound
  • New Plank model
  • More precise buildings’ collision
  • More precise tree collision
  • Thinner Four Pronged Spear model
  • HP regeneration rework
  • Light from Campfire is now brighter
  • Water Collector and Bamboo Water Collector are easier to destroy now
  • Modular constructions are now easier to build
  • Campfire ash now takes more space in Backpack
  • Smaller Albahaca Leaves
  • Blue butterflies
  • Lower chance to catch Prawn in Prawn Trap
  • Brazilian Wandering Spider’s Body is now the same size as alive Spider
  • Palm and Banana Roofs can now be deconstructed
  • Beds are smaller now
  • New Frames can be placed next to modular Walls
  • Longer time to heal treated wound after reloading save
  • Palm Roof and Banana Roof look slightly different
  • Constructions generate different sound and fx depending on where they were hit
  • Broken Armor can’t be taken off when hidden


  • Fixed - Potential crash in Tutorial when trying to pick up candy bars before able to
  • Fixed - Potential crash when walking in water in specific spot
  • Fixed - Game locked after harvesting an animal after the weapon runs out of durability
  • Fixed - Spoiled food restacked improperly in Backpack
  • Fixed - Spoiled food rotated in Backpack to default position
  • Fixed - Armor could be stacked on another Armor after loading
  • Fixed - Dialogue with Mia continued after skipping the Tutorial
  • Fixed - Tutorial objective appeared after reloading Tutorial
  • Fixed - Various problems when loading Tutorial saves
  • Fixed - Weapons from Weapon Rack could not be picked up without opening Backpack
  • Fixed - Stone and Cage Traps lacked collision
  • Fixed - Trigger of Log in Bamboo Shed ghost
  • Fixed - Cooking slot issues
  • Fixed - Shed Roof ghost retained it’s position after aiming it elsewhere
  • Fixed - Picking up animation was played twice while holding Bamboo Bow
  • Fixed - Self-lighting Fireplace crash
  • Fixed - Campfire had incorrect recipe in the Notebook
  • Fixed - Egg/Bird Feather disappeared when Nest was taken first
  • Fixed - Rain drops were visible on some items in the Backpack
  • Fixed - Cooked Malanga and Cassava had missing text
  • Fixed - Construction Ghost could be placed inside cuttable trees
  • Fixed - Water containers didn’t fill up during Player’s sleep
  • Fixed - Some constructions couldn’t be placed inside the Shed
  • Fixed - Small Fire had same icon regardless if Player held Ember or not
  • Fixed - Mask and Danger Cards in Tent disappeared too soon during Tutorial
  • Fixed - Plants tab had an additional non-functional counter in Notebook
  • Fixed - Text on some Weapons was misplaced
  • Fixed - Walls and other attachments cannot be placed to already build Frames on Anaconda Island.
  • Fixed - Fists attack didn’t generate any sound
  • Fixed - Maggots became huge when placed in Pot with boiling water
  • Fixed- Tail of Puma and Jaguar stopped in living position after death
  • Fixed - Some animations were played twice if Player held a Bamboo Bow
  • Fixed - Walkie-Talkie and Battery had Destroy option in expand menu
  • Fixed - Couldn’t kill a Fish with a Tribal Arrow
  • Fixed - Players leg protruded from armor
  • Fixed - Constructions had improper hit sound
  • Fixed - Roofs’ ghosts placed on Sheds could not be deconstructed
  • Fixed - Smoker didn’t work on some saves
  • Fixed - One barrel changed color depending on distance from Player
  • Fixed - Fishing Rods and Torches couldn’t be stored on a Weapon Rack
  • Fixed - Player’s hand went into camera after hitting with second Weapon swing
  • Fixed - Headshots with Weapons other than Arrows and Spears killed AI instantly
  • Fixed - Player could interact with items that were under the right side menu’s buttons
  • Fixed - Firestarting Tools could be used in shallow water
  • Fixed - Crafting Arrows could make Bow load couple Arrows at once
  • Fixed - Some AI attacks didn’t close Body Inspection
  • Fixed - Bow Trap had arming icon even when armed
  • Fixed - Destroyed Campfire’s components were blown high into the air
  • Fixed - Plane remains were transparent when looking inside
Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.