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V.0.5.1 was a hotfix released April 3rd, 2019.


  • Fixed – Doorway couldn’t be placed between two frames
  • Fixed – Player can't move on save from v 0.3.6 and older loaded in v 0.5.0
  • Fixed – Armor Molds have debug strings in name
  • Fixed – Non-baked Molds couldn’t be Harvested to reuse Melted Iron Ore
  • Fixed – Text in Notebook doesn't fit the page and is cut off
  • Fixed – Changed pickaxe crafting recipe
  • Fixed – Crash when Tribesmen destroy two Mud Fireside Walls with Small Fires
  • Fixed – Water collector didn’t collect water faster when sleeping
  • Fixed – Certain actions could be invoked during animations and cause problems
  • Fixed – Crash when trying to throw Stone during igniting fire
  • Fixed – Mud Fireside Wall wasn’t destroyed along with Frame it was attached to
  • Fixed – Bee/Ants biting animation could be cancelled by throwing a Stone or Sleeping/Inspection
  • Fixed – Food during prepare disappeared after destroying building
  • Fixed – Challenges descriptions weren’t consistent
  • Fixed – Dirtiness gained when Sleeping/Passing out didn’t scale with time spent sleeping
  • Fixed – Game crashed upon cutting the tree that has been cut from the start
  • Fixed – Radio Challenge had a typo in the description in the Polish language
  • Fixed – Heavy objects couldn’t be dropped if picked up with low stamina while holding a Weapon
  • Fixed – Player was able to go to disabled locations
  • Fixed – There was no death screen when Player dies from falling
  • Fixed – Couldn’t unlock Doorway/Bamboo Doorway on saves from previous versions
  • Fixed – Symbols in Notebook in some languages were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed – A lot of items were spawned after starting new game

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.