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V.1.1.0 Plant Cultivation update released November 4th, 2019.

New Stuff[]

  • New plantable items - Seeds, Nuts, Dried Flowers and Sticks
  • New constructions - Planting Box, Small Planting Box
  • New items - Fertilizer (Spoiled Fruits, Animal Droppings)


  • Unity Analytics has been disabled


  • Fixed - Crash when stringing Bow and vomiting at the same time
  • Fixed - Items hang in the air when put on Dryer
  • Fixed - Player gains more parasites than stated in infolog when drinking dirty/unsafe water
  • Fixed - Player doesn't always get Parasites despite "+ 1 Parasites" being in infolog
  • Fixed - Raft Challenge can be completed by building Raft and without gathering Coconuts
  • Fixed - Elements from cut bamboo plant cover triggers for long bamboo stick making them hard to be picked up
  • Fixed - Sometimes Player cannot highlight items that are under construction
  • Fixed - One slot of Dryer is inactive when Player attempts to take out Phallus from it
  • Fixed - Monstera Deliciosa Flowers and Fruit items' names don't have each word starting with capital letter
  • Fixed - Some Players have Armor stuck to the arm
  • Fixed - Player can escape from Tutorial Camp
  • Fixed - Dried items have same icon as fresh ones
  • Fixed - Phallus model is turned when dried in Dryer Slot
  • Fixed - First Psychotria could be hard to find
  • Fixed - Cane Toad and Poison Dart Frog could cause items to disappear
  • Fixed - Coconut halves could fall under terrain when cut with Weapon
  • Fixed - Quassia Amara shakes violently when hit with Weapon

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.