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V.1.2.0 was a minor update for controller support released December 4th, 2019.


  • New input method - Controller
  • New Options - Toggle Crouch, Run, Watch
  • New Icons


  • Fixed - Cannot change keybind for Deconstruct
  • Fixed - Typos in polish translation
  • Fixed - Patient cards have "Pacient card" typo on triggers
  • Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box drawings in Notebook are blurry on lower texture settings
  • Fixed - Cannot change keybind for Backpack sort
  • Fixed - Cannot unlock Planting Boxes on specific save
  • Fixed - After destroying one of the construction walls whole frame is demolished and new frame can not be placed
  • Fixed - Camera moves along with wheel menu after opening it from Map
  • Fixed - Slot icon are blurry when Textures Quality are on Low
  • Fixed - DAY 1/2/3/32 screens are blurry when Texture Quality is set to Low
  • Fixed - Game crashes when hitting fish caught with Fishing Rod Trap/Stick Trap
  • Fixed - Player stands up when opening expand menu while in crouch
  • Fixed - Game crashes after killing Savage in fist fight
  • Fixed - Player should cycle only between Weapons when using mouse wheel/dpad
  • Fixed - Random crashes when loading saves
  • Fixed - Growth icon is not updated if fruits are picked with open backpack
  • Fixed - 'Mouse Smoothing' Option name does not fit when using a Controller
  • Fixed - Low stamina sounds are triggered twice when Player runs out of Stamina
  • Fixed - Mud roof does not have a collision

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.