V.1.3.2 Hotfix released January 14th, 2020.




  • Fixed – Puma/Jaguar runs around trying to reach Player that is standing on a higher floor
  • Fixed – Animal droppings spawn rate is too small
  • Fixed – Storage Box on higher floors have collision under the Roof
  • Fixed – Bamboo Fishing Rod sticks out above the Roof if placed on Weapon Rack under the Roof
  • Fixed – Cannot Place Roofs above Weapon Rack
  • Fixed – Bamboo Dryer/Smoker/Bamboo Smoker can be placed under a Roof
  • Fixed – Constructions placed on Roof can block snapping of Frames on the sides
  • Fixed – Stuck in crouch if overweight happens in crouch mode
  • Fixed – Caiman can kill Player standing on the roof
  • Fixed – Items left on the Roof can drop through it when Player moves far away and returns
  • Fixed – Wall cannot be placed again after destroying Mud Fireside Wall in the middle Frame after reloading
  • Fixed – Cannot interact with water in rivers/waterfalls in area next to Airport
  • Fixed – Leaf roofs covered half of Shed on the floor
  • Fixed – Items from Storage Box can sometimes disappear
  • Fixed – Mud Ceiling of Shed that is placed above ground level has too small raincutter
  • Fixed – Hard to insert topmost Banana Leaf into Banana Roof on Shelter built on a floor
  • Fixed – Player is able to stack items inside Storage Box on top of each other after rotating them
  • Fixed – Items disappear when a stack of them is thrown into full Storage Box
  • Fixed – 3 balance spawners in the air near Grappling Hook
  • Fixed – When raining fire goes out under roof placed only on higher floor
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The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.
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