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V.1.5.4 Hotfix released April 29th, 2020.


  • Fixed - Quest Items don't unlock for Client that was not in session and had saved previous progress
  • Fixed - Crash after exiting the game with heavy objects in hands
  • Fixed - Error When Host walks near Tribal Arrow stuck near Cartel
  • Fixed - Crash for Client with opened Crafting when Host quits game
  • Fixed - Crash when quitting game after moving stacks in Storage Box
  • Fixed - Crash for Client when dying from Sanity Tribe
  • Fixed - Savage changing ownership directly after/during Stone Throw freezes
  • Fixed - Corrupted save with death at start
  • Fixed - Tribes can be stuck after spawning to a Fire with three Players near
  • Fixed - Charcoal Furnace has a smoke effect and wood icon after going far away when it's fired up and going back when it's off
  • Fixed - Mud Forge slot disappears for Host when he goes far away from empty Forge near Client and goes back
  • Fixed - Doubled Dryers after loading save
  • Fixed - Jaguar and Puma spawner cooldown should be longer
  • Fixed - Water Sip Hydration should always be 40
  • Fixed - Items are not stacked properly after Client opens Host's Storage Box for the first time
  • Fixed - Physics of items is significantly different for players
  • Fixed - Unclickable Quit prompt if Client tried to Quit game at the same time as Host
  • Fixed - Host’s respawn point is set to save point when loading game
  • Fixed - Some texts in menus are cut off in certain languages
  • Fixed - Items taken by Player via expand with full Backpack are dropped with Backpack’s scale applied
  • Fixed - Items and constructions are still 'in use' for other Players if Player looking at them paused game
  • Fixed - Obsolete message in infolog on Player connect/disconnect

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.