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V.1.6.0 Co-op Story Mode Update released June 18th, 2020.

New Additions[]

  • Story mode can now be enjoyed in multiplayer by up to 4 Players
  • Save slots for singleplayer and multiplayer games are now separate, giving you 4 slots each! Games started as singleplayer cannot be played as multiplayer and vice versa.
  • Tutorial can now be played separately from Story mode, preparing you for multiplayer
  • Improved game browser with game type/difficulty filters
  • Players now cannot change save slot when saving multiplayer games(this prevents problems with desynchronization of Client’s and Host’s progress)
  • Player names in chat are now displayed in the color of Player’s t-shirt
  • When Mia talks to you through Walkie Talkie or Radio a walkie talkie icon shows up


  • Fixed - Save and quit of Client doesn’t trigger save of other Players
  • Fixed - Time-based processes are not working properly
  • Fixed - Saving game in killbox sends Client to an infinite death loop after rejoin
  • Fixed - Player cannot highlight multiplayer game in Game browser when using a Controller
  • Fixed - Blocked input after certain animations when low on stamina
  • Fixed - Player is able to take a Parrot when other Player harvests it leading to a crash
  • Fixed - Crash when saving game loaded from specific save from Community
  • Fixed - Tribes that killed Player can go to his respawn point after respawn
  • Fixed - No Wood icon on Mud Charcoal Furnace for non owners after one full usage
  • Fixed - Selecting Notebook or Inspection via clicking on wheel menu with Torch equipped cause softlock
  • Fixed - Attacking with torch while simultaneously opening notepad locks the player
  • Fixed - Player can't pour water into Mud Water Filter after co-op
  • Fixed - Some functions does not change buttons when action key is binded
  • Fixed - Attempting to pick up a fish pierced by a projectile while inventory is full results in looped splash fx
  • Fixed - Audiolog text blinks for a split second when a new line begins and Player is far away
  • Fixed - Obsolete option 'singleplayer' in multiplayer in-game 'online visibility'
  • Fixed - Some of HO objects are rescaled when changing owner a few times
  • Fixed - Soups made from anti-parasitic items have very low chance or no chance of removing parasites
  • Fixed - Constructions and items don't disappear during PreDreams
  • Fixed - Construction ghosts don’t disappear during PreDreams
  • Fixed - Lootable items reappear for Host if Client picks them up first alone
  • Fixed - Tribes can have very tiny weapons
  • Fixed - Player can fall through Elevator's floor when harvesting/crafting
  • Fixed - No Wood icon on Mud Charcoal Furnace for not owners after one full usage
  • Fixed - Obsolete 'Green Hell' difficulty Filter in game browser
  • Fixed - It's easy to highlight two options at once in the menus
  • Fixed - Player's name shows in front of you when standing in roughly same spot as them
  • Fixed - Character uses block when backing out from Reading Collectable using [R]
  • Fixed - fx appears too fast when igniting any fire
  • Fixed - Several dialog and Notebook typos in polish
  • Fixed - Various meats from Poison Dart Frog don't trigger Food Poisoning
  • Fixed - Player can slide down to GoldMine and survive
  • Fixed - Shaking animation when opening craft while holding Axe/Blade/Torch with low stamina
  • Fixed - Spear/Bow with Arrow disappears from hand but hand remains in holding position while opening Crafting via the Wheel Menu
  • Fixed - "Map - New Location" in infolog for every Player when Player goes to location someone else discovered
  • Fixed - Some texts in Notebook can be slightly cut off
  • Fixed - Tribe corpses are invisible for the third Player if Tribes were killed before his join
  • Fixed - Tribes killed when second Player is away are bald for them
  • Fixed - Arrows shot by Tribe in Dream_3 have desynchronized whoosh sound
  • Fixed - Last sentence of credits is cut off
  • Fixed - Logs are present during PreDream_2 if Player loaded Story save straight from a Survival game
  • Fixed - One of the triggers in Lab Analyzer is in a wrong place
  • Fixed - Ayahuasca_bowl_LOD0 in Ayahuasca Bowls has different position then rest of the LODs
  • Fixed - Charcoal and Campfire ash spawns at the beginning of dream 4
  • Fixed - Walkie Talkie picked up inside Hero Tent casts a shadow
  • Fixed - Prebuilt Fish Stick Trap is a bit too high
  • Fixed - Trigger for line in cenote without Climbing Gear is appearing when player is 5m away
  • Fixed - Mud Shower has no rain cutter

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.3.1 which was released on August 8, 2022.