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V.1.7.0 Stands Update released June 25th, 2020.

New Additions[]

  • New Stand types - Banana/Palm Leaf, Small Stone, Big Stone, Bamboo Log, Bamboo Long Stick, Bamboo Stick, Rope.
  • New Bed type - Banana Leaf Bed.
  • Singleplayer Survival saves can now be converted to Multiplayer. This action is irreversible so do it with certainty. This should take care of the issue some *Players had with their saves being changed to Singleplayer.
  • Saves can now be deleted. This action is also irreversible.


  • Fixed - Potential fix for spawn in debug scene that some Players encountered
  • Fixed - Possible crash when transferring a single item multiple times to the crafting table when holding Alt
  • Fixed - Some construction ghosts had improper starting rotation when taken out from Notebook
  • Fixed - On loaded saves respawn point of Player that saved is set to save point
  • Fixed - Short Wall and Short Bamboo Wall were constructed from long sticks
  • Fixed - Stand Triggers are not visible at all times
  • Fixed - Player stuck in Crouch after changing key bindings to any other key
  • Fixed - Construction ghosts selected from Notebook on the ground can be placed outside Roof boundary
  • Fixed - Players can bypass the tutorial warning by playing Survival beforehand
  • Fixed - 'Take max' should be below 'Take 3' option in Stands' expand menu
  • Fixed - Host is respawned near Client after reload
  • Fixed - Player can stop mid-air by harvesting an item
  • Fixed - Player cannot shoot through Stands, Smokers, Racks and Walls
  • Fixed - Obsolete expand menu on Stands trigger when Player has max of item type in inventory/hands
  • Fixed - Max item count shows up twice in infolog when picking up Heavy Objects from Stand
  • Fixed - Maggots are visible from under worn honey dressing when wearing it on a infected wound
  • Fixed - Log Stand has obsolete option in expand menu
  • Fixed - Bone Knife is placed half in a bucket half in floor
  • Fixed - Water Filter doesn`t collect rainwater like other constructions
  • Fixed - Plant from balance spawner does not have receive damage third-person animation

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.