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V.1.9.1 was a update released December 15th, 2020.


  • Trees now regrow unless the trunk is destroyed(works on both - new and old saves)
  • Asus Aura Sync is now disabled by default(this should resolve crash on startup problems)
  • Tribes use some new sounds


  • Fixed - Random crashes during gameplay when Asus Aura Sync is enabled
  • Fixed - Player can spawn under the map after using the Elevator in Story mode(added a precaution spawning Player on terrain if they fall under it)
  • Fixed - Player can freeze when drinking water from puddles/river via expand menu in quick access when holding a Weapon
  • Fixed - Player can get stuck in pass out if they wash themselves on low condition
  • Fixed - Player may keep moving forwards and fall down if opening wheel menu at the start of elevator ride
  • Fixed - Player freezes while harvesting if co-op destroys the same item
  • Fixed - Placing an item into a construction slot that is under the storage box irrevocably blocks that slot
  • Fixed - Attempting to place constructions when rapidly attempting to open notepad can crash the game
  • Fixed - Error when cutting down a fully-grown Brazil nut tree planted in a large planting box
  • Fixed - Error when plowing a large growing box after cutting down a Brazil nut tree that was grown in it
  • Fixed - Host cannot respawn when alone in multiplayer game
  • Fixed - Host cannot save and quit when alone in session
  • Fixed - Respawn point does not update in Beds if the Player is alone in the Multiplayer session
  • Fixed - Spears disappear when thrown at Hunters
  • Fixed - Sanity Hunter can damage sane co-op when shooting arrows
  • Fixed - Items in construction slots become small
  • Fixed - Spilling uncooked soup then trying to cook water in the same container results in soup being cooked
  • Fixed - Spamming 'Wake up' option when sleeping comfortably gives player Sanity every time
  • Fixed - Water filter and Bamboo water filter doesn't collect rain water if placed on a roof
  • Fixed - Cocona seeds on the ground are invisible unless the player crouches
  • Fixed - Improper audio for walking on several objects
  • Fixed - Pause menu stats are overlapping with their values in some languages
  • Fixed - Some items have wrong position in cooking slots on mud fireside wall built on bamboo wall
  • Fixed - Maggots have different scale when placed into cooking slots
  • Fixed - Bow Trap doesn't have precise collision
  • Fixed - Items that break to smaller items have improper sound when hit
  • Fixed - Wood resin stacks in improper position
  • Fixed - Meat placed on upper dryer slots should be hanging down
  • Fixed - Small fishes and fish meats are hard to take off from Smoker
  • Fixed - Malanga bulb model does not fit grill rack
  • Fixed - Some items do not fit in the cooking slots visually
  • Fixed - Dryer has Bone Needle instead of Bone Hook in it's ghost and Notebook recipe
  • Fixed - Soup made of multiple items in pot look like water
  • Fixed - Soup made of multiple items in Turtle Shell or Bowl tur yellowish at the start of cooking process
  • Fixed - Liquid containers are placed too far from wooden water filter
  • Fixed - Dripping Water in Bamboo_Water_Filter and Water_Filter is in wrong place
  • Fixed - Meat soups turn yellow instantly after putting the meat into Pot/Shell/Bowl with water
  • Fixed - Eggs are placed in wrong position in cooking slot
  • Fixed - Weapon placement on weapon rack is inconsistent
  • Fixed - Crab impaled on a certain spears is shown in a wrong angle
  • Fixed - Water visually disappears from bowls when a soup item is placed inside
  • Fixed - Microwave LODs other than LOD0 are always closed
  • Fixed - Short Walls are not destroyed after breaking Short Mud Wall
  • Fixed - Missing footsteps/jump sounds for several objects
  • Fixed - Charcoal lying on the ground in Cartel and Harbor is huge
  • Fixed - Adding mud or ash to mud mixer has wood audio
  • Fixed - Sound of Microwave open/close is hearable in the whole game world
  • Fixed - Microwave opening sound is same as closing sound
Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.