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V.2.0.1 Spirits of Amazonia Part One Update released January 28th, 2021.

New Additions[]

  • New Mode - The Spirits of Amazonia
  • New Map Area
  • New Tribe Villages
  • Tribal Legends
  • First Part of the New Storyline
  • New Modular Construction - Balcony
  • New Tree - Spike Tree
  • New Mushroom


  • Harvesting AI bodies is now done by holding the Action key
  • Caimans now does not kill Player immediately
  • S’ and W’ on the Watch are now colored
  • Button for Expand menu can be remapped
  • Now Cinematics can be turned off in Settings
  • AI's now can walk in shallow water and in narrow spaces including logs
  • Game FPS can now be limited (works only with VSYNC turned off)


  • Fixed - Storage Boxes and Beds sometimes are unusable until another Player looks at them
  • Fixed - Problems with building Bamboo Bridge
  • Fixed - Blocked inputs after returning to gameplay from Pause at the start of drinking animation
  • Fixed - Jaguar/Puma are hard to hit with melee Weapons
  • Fixed - Trunks cut down by other Player than the one cutting the tree sometimes do not give loot
  • Fixed - Additional Fruit can spawn under plant in Planting Box on game load
  • Fixed - Items in bags respawn after returning to Main Menu and reloading the game
  • Fixed - Pot and Bidon can be destroyed from Expand Menu
  • Fixed - Notebook pictures for Constructions added in Stands update look blurry on low Texture settings
  • Fixed - Some Soup effects are missing from Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed - Forms disappear too quickly when Player goes away
  • Fixed - No Fever or Poison reduction info in Infolog and Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed - No Sanity Icon in Infolog and Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed - Audio in Cinematics is missing when in-game music is muted in Settings
  • Fixed - Weapons held by player are not lighted by fire
  • Fixed - Axe appears in players hands before drinking animation stops
  • Fixed - Game crashes to Windows after Bad Ending if the game was loaded from save in Single Player or always in Multiplayer
  • Fixed - Leeches are sucking players blood in wrong direction

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.3.1 which was released on August 8, 2022.