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V.2.0.6 is a hotfix released May 11th, 2021.


  • Fixed - Broken spawn system in co-op
  • Fixed - Quick adding items through "Craft" and "Insert" features is not present for items outside Backpack
  • Fixed - Item from crafting table disappear when another of same type is harvested in the Backpack
  • Fixed - Walkie Talkie multi dialogues options are difficult to select using Gamepad
  • Fixed - Pressing the action button after choosing harvest option from expanding menu will result in object not disappearing
  • Fixed - Player can't manually move items from crafting table using Gamepad
  • Fixed - Backpack and Crafting Table do not close automatically when Player takes damage from AI
  • Fixed - Missing translations for new strings
  • Fixed - Player can move during harvest animation
  • Fixed - Craftable heavy objects cannot be quickly added to Crafting from the ground
  • Fixed - Attack with Torch has a delay when using a Gamepad
  • Fixed - Cursor can disappear during Inspection when using a Gamepad
Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.3.1 which was released on August 8, 2022.