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V.2.1.2 is a hotfix released July 14th, 2021.


  • Fixed - Fixed duplicating Tribes and Patrols
  • Fixed - Turning off Tribes in Custom Mode no longer turns off Pumas and Jaguars as well
  • Fixed - Player can no longer place ghosts inside pre-built structures
  • Fixed - No weird sound can be heard when pausing the game during a dialogue
  • Fixed - AIs no longer walk underwater in some places
  • Fixed - Tribesman from small camps are no longer standing when not being attacked
  • Fixed - Leeches no longer disappear from limbs while still reducing sanity
  • Fixed - Quassia Amara flowers are now visible in Dryers
  • Fixed - All slots in Dryer can now be usable after Quassia Amara is put there
  • Fixed - The kindling icon no longer stays on the weapon slot after starting the fire
  • Fixed - AI's can now reach all parts of Cartel and Harbor locations
  • Fixed - Fixed TPP animation for Tribal Axe when crouching
  • Fixed - Reputation for healing Wounded tribe is no longer doubled
  • Fixed - Fixed animation for Tribal Axe when jumping from the TPP
  • Fixed - Fixed animation for invisible radio when observing in TPP
  • Fixed - Fixed attack animation when hitting object above waist level
  • Fixed - Elder voice now have a larger range for Co-op Players
  • Fixed - Tribal Axe has now smoother animation when hitting tree
  • Fixed - Radio no longer disappears from the Player’s hand during the first dialogue if Player holds any weapon/tool
  • Fixed - Fixed LODs of Fire from toxic wastes
  • Fixed - All AI camps have now proper structures
  • Fixed - Amount of Infolog messages for a joining player is reduced
  • Fixed - Drums respond quicker to players input
  • Fixed - Poisoned Water no longer deals damage to Player
  • Fixed - Fever has now limit of 10 stacks
  • Fixed - Fixed FPP idle animation when holding Tribal Axe
  • Fixed - Drums don’t have additional Triggers when built in co-op from Notebook
  • Fixed - New TPP Low stamina animation for tribal axe
  • Fixed - Drums no longer give the 'In use' prompt
  • Fixed - Tribal Axe draw distance is increased
  • Fixed - Hunter ranged attack fixed
  • Fixed - Blocking Thug's attacks with spear no longer causes hands to stay in a block position during knockback animation
  • Fixed - Player can now use the 'Harvest' option no matter where the animal corpse rolled
  • Fixed - Fixed low stamina state idle animation for Tribal Axe
  • Fixed - Player no longer receives double effects when moving in the Poisoned water
  • Fixed - Player can now repeatedly attack objects with continuous attacks
  • Fixed - Player should be able to collect all toxic wastes
  • Fixed - Tribesman no longer disappear and duplicate in Small Camps after reload
  • Fixed - Frame rate limit locked to 30FPS no longer causes knockback to push player twice the distance

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.1.2 which was released on July 14, 2021.