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V.2.2.2 is a hotfix released April 13th, 2022.


  • Added a sound when arena fish is picked.
  • Added option to disable automatic input detection.
  • Fixed - Proper dialogue icon is now displayed when talking through the radio.
  • Fixed - Background of notes on stones are now properly displayed on ultrawide resolutions.
  • Fixed - Players should not be able to swim out of the fishing arena.
  • Fixed - Birds no longer land in the air at Airport location in SoA.
  • Fixed - Parrots, toucans and butterflies now work properly in new locations.
  • Fixed - Caimans no longer clip with the terrain while moving.
  • Fixed - The Yabahuaca guard is now louder.
  • Fixed - Removed redundant sound when reading stones in the final area.
  • Fixed - Removed collision that blocked cave entrances.
  • Fixed - Crafting sound is now played properly when using pottery table.
  • Fixed - Drowning sound is no longer played when the player gets low oxygen in fishing arena.
  • Fixed - Arena progression HUD no longer displays on the final arena.
  • Fixed - Fades in and out work properly before and after arena waiting screen.
  • Fixed - Players are no longer able to die during dialogues.
  • Fixed - Removed redundant microscope model from the game world.
  • Fixed - Water drops longer fall out the mushroom in planting arena.
  • Fixed - Fixed Notebook Cage Trap recipe.
  • Fixed - Players are no longer stuck at the black screen if they join the game during the final arena.
  • Fixed - States of construction ghosts now replicate properly in multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed - Items near the hot river are now spawn properly.
  • Fixed - Resolved the issue with game saves not loading properly.
  • Fixed - The gap between ritual furnace and the ground has been fixed.
  • Fixed - The tribal axe is now more responsive.
  • Fixed - Multiple graphical fixes in various locations and the new jungle area.

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.2.2.2 which was released on April 13, 2022.