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Weapons Rack
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Weapons Rack
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Blueprint Discovery Required
Weapon/Tool Storage
9 Weapons or tools

The Weapons Rack is a storage structure in Green Hell added in V.0.1

Basic Info[]

Weapons and tools will decay over time when placed on the ground, this can be prevented by storing them on a weapon rack. The weapons rack allows the player to store up to 9 weapons and tools.

The rack has three sections:

  1. The left hand side of the rack can store x2 bows.
  2. The main top bar holds x3 spears and/or fishing rods.
  3. The shelf is used to store x4 hand held tools and weapons. Such as blades, axes & mining tools and torches.

To add items to the weapon rack, the player will need to open the backpack and drag the weapon or tool on to the rack. Another way to add items would be to press the right mouse button on the chosen weapon/tool and select insert from the drop down menu.
Weapons and tools can be removed from the rack by pressing E, the player will need to have a empty slot available in the backpack to do this. Currently equip weapons or tools can be traded for an item from the rack by expanding the menu of the chosen weapon/tool displayed and selecting Swap. Please note the items will have to be of the same storage section for this to work.


Blueprints for the weapon rack can be found at the following location.


Weapon rack.png
Long stick.png
Weapon Rack Long Stick Rope


Update History[]

Version Changes

Fixed – Bamboo Fishing Rod sticks out above the Roof if placed on Weapon Rack under the Roof.
Fixed – Cannot Place Roofs above Weapon Rack.


Fixed - Weapons from Weapon Rack could not be picked up without opening Backpack.
Fixed - Fishing Rods and Torches couldn’t be stored on a Weapon Rack.

V.0.4.2 Fixed – Mighty Camp Challenge crashing when tribe destroys built weapon rack.
V.0.4.0 Fixed weapon drops during usage of Weapon Rack.
V.0.2.1 Weapon Rack can’t be destroyed - fixed.
V.0.2.0 Constructions can be destroyed by player.

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