Green Hell Wiki

Weapons are used to defend yourself against Natives, some of them can also be used as Tools to gather resources and to hunt Animals.

All weapons can be improved by learning Skills to increase the weapons damage and stamina usage.


These are hand held melee weapons.


These are all the axes, they are melee weapons and are also used as tools.


Spears are melee weapons and have ranged capabilities.


These weapons have ranged capabilities and require ammunition.


Arrows are ammunition for the bow and bamboo bow.

Blades Stone BladeStick BladeBone KnifeObsidian BladeRusty Machete
Axes Stone AxeAxeBlade AxeBone AxeObsidian AxeRusty Axe
Spears Weak SpearStone SpearBone SpearObsidian SpearTribal SpearBamboo SpearFour Pronged SpearFour Pronged Bamboo Spear
Bows BowBamboo BowTribal Bow
Arrows ArrowMetal ArrowTribal Arrow